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Stuff that represent "swiming against the tide", doing opposite, or just doing your own way?

Asked by tepitamte (8points) February 28th, 2017

My friend want a tattoo with that meaning. We found stuff like koi and salmon, some gods from mythology (kinda like Prometheus).

Unfortunately he lives in small european country, and his tattoo artist didn’t have good ideas for this work.

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A fox is generally associated with independence, or how about a jellyfish?

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He could try something like this or this. Even if your friend doesn’t like those specific images, the general theme of a group of things going one way and one differently colored one going the other way might be something he could use.

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^^^ When I clicked on that link, I got a google 404 message with a cartoon of a robot disassembling itself.

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This is the link @Lonelyheart807 was trying to post, and this is the main image from that link.

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Sorry, @YARNLADY…I hate when that happens with links, as it worked for me the other day. Thanks, @JeSuisRickSpringfield for the help in clarifying!

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