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Best fruit trees for zone 5 or 6?

Asked by PriceisRightx26 (1258points) March 7th, 2017 from iPhone

Looking for something fairly hardy, as we have a bit of an issue with fire blight here, but also something that’s still delicious. Fresh eating and baking/canning.

Looking at plums, apples, pears, cherries, and peaches.

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What about Apricots? They grow well in zones 5–8. I love Apricots. They are amazing fresh or dried or in jams and jellies. I am in zone 9 here in the Sierra Nevada foothills of Northern CA. and we have several varieties of apples, apricots, blackberries, mandarin oranges and Navel oranges. maybe research the mandarin varieties, they are so delicious but might be to cold for them in your zone.

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Pears and apples grow very well in 5b. So do my blackberries especially when you get the pruning down correctly.

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I suppose I’m looking more specifically for resistant species that don’t taste awful. For example, MacFree apples are crossed with a fire blight resistant species and McIntosh, so they still taste good but don’t require as much spraying. Wasn’t sure if anyone knew of something similar in pears, plums, cherries, or peaches (that could actually vouche for the flavor).

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@PriceisRightx26 Invite an arborist to come and give your property a look over. An experienced arborist can recommend what will grow best in your soil and sunlight. At the very least go to a local nursery as they are expert on what grows in your area.

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