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This is a hoax right?

Asked by El_Cadejo (34539points) May 12th, 2010

I was looking through a gardening magazine today and it was all high yield plants and plants that produced giant fruits. This had me suspicious, but when I flipped to the page with this all i could think was no fuckin way.

Is something like this really possible?

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Ah, no. It is hard enough to grow apples on an apple tree or cherries on a cherry tree.

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Apparently you can graft different kinds of trees together. I have a friend who has a peach tree with 2 different kinds of peaches.

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It’s not genetically possible.

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@tinyfaery I have seen stuff like that, but peaches and peaches is one thing, peaches, apricots, 2 types of plums, and nectarines all on one tree is just….

I also saw in that book a tomato/potato plant.

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My ex-girlfriend’s brother’s orange ranch had trees that grew both grapefruits and lemons (via grafting). Obviously, you can do it with citrus. I think you can do it with stone fruits as well.

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@kevbo that many different ones together?

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I was really curious about this because the idea is pretty cool. I’d totally buy one if it was for real. I did some research and found this:

Plants of the same botanical genus and species can usually be grafted even though they are a different variety. Plants with the same genus but of a different species often can be grafted. But the result may be weak or short-lived, or they may not unite at all.

Plants of different genera are less successfully grafted, although there are some cases where this is possible. For example, quince, genus Cydonia, may be used as a dwarfing rootstock for pear, genus Pyrus. (University of Missouri)

All of the fruits listed (plums, nectarines, peaches, and apricots) share the genus Prunus, so if you go by my link, it should be possible.

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The other thing that makes me say hoax is I cant find a legitimate picture online. Only cartoon drawings. You’d think if this thing existed there would be quite a few pictures of it.

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Here’s a picture (albiet a crappy one) of the tree.

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@missAnthrope: GA. I didn’t read the details that closely to see that the fruits were so closely related. It’s an interesting idea, but there’s still the point that @gailcalled made.

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@uberbatman, if we can put fish DNA in a tomato, who knows what other culinary delights we are capable of creating.

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After reading more, I’m inclined to believe it’s real. Read the comments here. Cool. I want one.

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I have one word for this ad….....SCAM. avoid it.

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If it were a possibility, don’t you think you’d see some in a few orchards?

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Ew, whatever you decide, don’t order from that site you linked. Check out their reviews.

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@MissAnthrope since this is in Social, I would like to take a minute to commend you on the research you did for this question! Very cool information!

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Good fuckin detective work there @MissAnthrope. Its a shame that it is possible then, but the only company that appears to sell such a tree is those douche nozzles.

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My pleasure and thanks. :)

@uberbatman – It looks like other places do sell them. I read some people saying they had them at Wal-Mart and Home Depot at one time, and I found another website that sells the fruit salad trees. Their reviews.

Edit: Here are a few more places that have them:
Dr. Leonard’s Healthcare

Fruit salad tree is on my wishlist.

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@uberbatman I wouldn’t necessarily single out these folks for approbation… you have looked at seed catalogs before, haven’t you? And produce ads from supermarkets? And food photos in magazines and restaurant ads?

So the thing is possible, sort of, maybe, “your results may vary” ... and with the right lighting and enough time to set up the shot properly… ehhh, sort of, maybe.

It appears that these guys sell a grafted tree that may or may not produce five different kinds of fruit (however appealing) at some time in its life if you can keep it alive long enough to do so. I have some plants that may produce generic tomatoes someday, but if I were to rely on the advertisement, it seems that one plant could produce enough to last the rest of my life. I could make Connecticut a major tomato exporter from this one plant.

If only…

It was nice research, @MissAnthrope. Thanks for that.

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I’ve seen ads for these trees and similar trees in many reputable gardening magazines…. surprising, yes, but I’m pretty sure it’s the real deal.

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But beware the multi-tasking product (“it slices! it dices!”). My husband always said, “A tool that can do three different things can’t usually do any of them well.” Could be true for a tree too.

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Real or not California won’t let you ship it there and should tell you something, if it is too strange to ship to California it must be weird!!

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Why don’t we see farmers growing orchards filled with these trees? So labor-intensive and so cheap to have strange fruit growing from a single tree.

Attribution; Billie Holiday

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@MissAnthrope dont you find it odd that the other sites selling that tree use the same picture? They also got bad reviews.

And the ecrater one that has an actual picture, I also find it odd that its single images of each fruit but not one of the tree as a whole to prove they are all growing together

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@Cruiser – It’s not that weird, actually.. CA is pretty strict about plants being brought in from elsewhere, due to risk of pests, disease, invasive species, etc. When I drove here from WV, I had my little apple tree confiscated by the state. They said that since it had been outside, there was a chance it could have gypsy moth eggs in the soil.

@uberbatman – I did notice that, that they pretty much all used that same cartoon drawing. I don’t believe the tree is a hoax, based on reading different sites and lots of people’s testimonials.. I just think it sucks that it’s impossible to find one of these trees at a trustworthy retailer. The only one I could find that had decent reviews was in Australia, and that’s pretty much an impossibility if you’re wanting a tree in the US.

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@MissAnthrope I agree, i think the tree i very much possible now after reading all you researched, just impossible to fuckin find one from a reliable source. I am a sad panda.

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@uberbatman – If I were you, I’d keep an eye out whenever you go to a big box store that has a garden center. People said they saw these trees at Wal-Mart and Home Depot, so maybe you can get lucky. :)

If you do find a decent retailer, would you let me know? I’m not really quite ready to buy a tree right now, as I have no idea where I’ll be living over the next year and that’s obviously one you have to plant and wait a while for it to fruit.

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If I see one, you shall be the first to know :)

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Yay! Thanks (and good luck)!

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I was talking to my wife about this and apparently we know someone with a fruit salad tree. Wifey said that the tree does not bloom very often and the fruit is weird shaped with very little flavor.

We haven’t seen this person in awhile. Maybe I can go try to get a pic.

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It reads, ” I’ve owned an apple tree with 4 varieties grafted on, and it is normal for apples to be grafted onto crabapple roots and pears onto quince roots, for example. I think this is real.” So do I.
Not the same thing, but I planted broccoli beside cauliflower and got delicious greenish cauliflower. Tasted like both.

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@uberbatman I DID IT AGAIN! You said “Tomato potato plant” and, reading too fast, I read “Tomato pot plant….” Stopped me cold! “Hm. Dem’s some gooood tomato’s dude!”

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@Val123 ohhhhh like this then :P

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@uberbatman LOL!! That’s tooo much, man! Next thing you know, you’re gonna get arrested for buying tomatos!

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