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Can't miss restaurants in Maui?

Asked by Supergirl (1696points) August 8th, 2008

We are honeymooning in Kapalua. Fantastic nearby restaurants?

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Well, you must go to Lahaina; in my opinion it’s the best city on Maui. There is a restaurant there, on the main drag, with a ships wheel on the outside. Its by the water, and has a bar in the front part of the restaurant. Of course, I cannot remember the name. Just look for a restaurant that is going for the ship theme. I had this seafood thing that was wrapped in a tea leaf. Oh, my, god!! Orgasm of the mouth.

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I’ve been to Maui a few times and end up at these restaurants for different occasions, Maui Taco in Kihei (divey atmosphere but good food), Leilani’s in Kaanapali (if possible get a table on the top floor over looking the ocean), Roy’s in Kahana, Mama’s Fish in Paia, and Stella Blues in Kihei (in a strip mall so not the best atmosphere but great breakfast if you’re down that way at that time of day).

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It’s not grand cuisine, but if you crave a burger try Cheeseburger in Paradise on Front Street in Lahaina.

More upscale with great local ingredients including vegetables from their own farm and wonderful Hawaiian fish is Pacific’O also on Front Street.

This is my favorite hidden gem breakfast place. The view is as good as the food.

Have a wonderful trip.

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The local’s who live and work there frequent the Blue Moon Cafe. It is just off the Front Street and has less expensive and awesome food. Here is the link

They have awesome happy hours, and breakfast too! This is not a 5 star tourist joint it is “local style” and try it you will go back for more.

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The Maui is placed in pacific ocean, right.It is vulcanic island and the landscape is realy nice on. I gues.I would order some local sea speciality like gives from sea what offers in restaurant.Allso enjoy entertaining of hula hula dance.

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some of my favorites in Kihei: Stella Blues for anything – great drinks, good fish, wonderful service. Sorrento’s – nice fairly new Italian place, good food, mediocre service but really who cares? Fred’s for breakfast – don’t miss the banana muffins. They will get your cholesterol up to flashpoint but are SO worth it! Have a great time

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