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Must do's in Maui?

Asked by Supergirl (1686points) April 11th, 2008

We are going to Maui for our honeymoon in August. What are some fantastic restaurants, boat trips, snorkeling, shopping, golf, etc…that we need to experience before we leave? Heavy does of romance is always a plus! We are staying at the Ritz at Kapalua, if that helps localize things.

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Wow, I used to live in Kihei, which is on the south end.

The road to Hana is beautiful and very scenic, with lots of great places to stop off. I really enjoyed the seven sacred pools. The Iao (sp) needle is beautiful and great for hiking. Lahaina is one of the busiest places at night and a great place for restaurants. As far as restaurants go, I liked Mama’s Fish House, but it’s been a while.
You can take a boat trip to Molokini and snorkel, that’s definitely worth it.

Sorry, these are all things that you would read about in any tourist guide, but as a local, I liked them.

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If you can drive down to Makena and Wailea. Beautiful drive down there.

Also take a cruise to Lanai island. You can take a ferry from Maui’s Lahaina. You can see where the locals hang out in Lanai City and grab a movie and eat lunch at one of the resorts. If you want to stay overnight, stay at Lahai Hotel, very cute cottage like rooms. This is the island where Bill Gates rented out the whole island to get married and Calista Flockhart owns a home on that island as well. Theres a resort on Lanai where you can have lunch or dinner. Great views of the ocean.

Try to go up to the mountains before sunrise. It is the most spectacular sunrises we have ever seen! We still remember to this day. Bring a blanket and snuggle it is chilly, when the sun goes up, it is warm. It feels like you are walking on clouds. Just gorgeous.

Theres a restaurant I will have to look up, a great italian restaurant. I believe its called Sorrentos? I will double check. They have great food and the ocean is right there.

Enjoy Maui, We’ve immensely enjoyed it during our honeymoon and babymoon.

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Definately see the sun rise from the moutain top. Secondly do the cruise to Lani. Third relax and enjoy your new spouse.

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If you have a chance to go to Lanai…here is the view from this resort in Lanai. Eat outside at the restaurant’s terrance, I believe the restaurant’s name is Ocean Grill or something.

As for Sorento’s, it is the right name and its in Wailea.

I also forgot..Whaler’s Village shopping center. This shopping center would have a sandcastle artist creating beautiful sandcastles in the middle of the outdoor shopping center. And next to this shopping center is the ocean/beach. theres some is on a grassy area next to the beach.

Have fun!

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Snorkeling at Molokini island (a short boat trip away), and hiking around Haleakala to check out the strange plants and volcanic rocks and glass.

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If you kayak out of Makena, make a point to stop at Fred’s along Kihei’s main road for breakfast afterwards. Their freshly baked banana muffins are out of this world – and don’t think about fat grams! I love Stella Blues for any meal – great drinks, fish done right, pleasant servers. Sorrento’s is great food but the waits were a bit long in February.

My favorite place to walk is Big Beach. If you’re courageous, the fire dance/drum circle on Sunday nights at Little Beach is something I haven’t seen anywhere else.

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My favorite beach location is Makena Beach, great waves and not too many tourists venture there mainly locals so it has nice feel. Favorite snorkeling is definitely La Perouse Bay aka The Dumps south of Kihei, again kindof out of the way location so not a lot of people, but a lot of fish and turtles usually and you need proper foot gear for hiking over lava and getting into the water over lava. And get there early, like 7 – 8am for the prime snorkeling. I’ve done the sunrise bike tour down Haleakela (sp?) was fun, but wouldn’t do it again. But definitely drive up on your own and watch the sunrise and hike the volcano, simply amazing. Really like the drive to Hana but hard to do in one day would recommend an overnight stay to take all of it in. There is a gorgeous bamboo forest on the way to Hana that I love. I actually did the North Western Island drive in a rental, completely forbidden by rental companies, but has to be one of my top Maui experiences. The drive goes from the airport, around the north side of the island and drops you into Kapalua. Now that I look over this list, not very honeymoon/romance oriented, guess I can’t vacation and relax can I? Hope you have an amazing honeymoon!

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@hkate I did that drive, too, but from Kapalua to the airport. Very cool, and scary! There were times I was afraid I’d go off the road. Definitely worth it for the scenery, though.

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