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I accidentally made my Outlook Express window too large, and now I can't see the bottom to resize it. How do I get it back to normal?

Asked by mightymite (223points) August 8th, 2008

The bottom of the window has disappeared under my sys tray and restarting my computer has not put it back to original size. I’m sure there’s a simple fix, but I don’t know it!

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Click the resize window button?

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alt+spacebar, size

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I know about the resize, but I can’t get to the bottom corner to resize. I promise I’m not an idiot! ;)

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You can resize from any edge. Grab one you can see, resize, then drag the window to reposition it. Or use alt+spacebar to get to the “Size” menu option.

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Change your screen resolution to the max and see if that lets you change it.

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This works on a Mac (not sure about windows): try changing your display resolution in Display Settings; usually changing to a smaller resolution willforce the open windows to resize to fit. Then once you see the resize tool In the window again, you can resize, then change the display resolution back. For some reason I encounter this only in MS apps like Word, Excel, etc.

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Thank you all…got it.

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I was going to suggest Screen Resolution but I see you have fixed your problem!

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