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What is a good application for mass mailings, mail merges, etc.?

Asked by anonyjelly16 (747points) February 13th, 2008

I am trying to find a freeware application that will work with Outlook and allow me to send out personalized messages. I have used E-Campaign in the past but it is expensive and I cannot justify the cost for my uses.

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Campaign Monitor is very well built and very cheap. $5 per “campaign”, plus $0.01 per email. I find that to be very affordable.

And again, it’s sooooooo nice and simple to use. I highly recommend it.

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VerticalResponse charges around 1ยข per email (cheaper if you buy in bulk) and does not charge a per-campaign fee.

The service is very easy-to-use and they have very friendly and helpful customer service.

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These are web services. Do you know of an application that you can install (similar to E-Campaign?) on your own computer to do this without having to pay per email?

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@atharkhan: you are not going to get good deliverability rates if you DIY. ISPs are vigilent about fighting spam, and will punish / block you for sending campaigns like this on your own even if you arent doing anything wrong. You will also probably be breaking your TOS with your service provider. Further, you likely don’t have the means to accurately track the results of your campaign.

in other words, if you want your emails to show up in people’s inboxes, you’ve gotta pay.

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Hmm… I think my question requires some clarification: I am seeking to figure out a way to send a personalized email to each person in my own addressbook. Not to random people to make a sale. For example, I will be moving soon and could use it to provide my contacts with an updated address.

I have used the email merge feature in Outlook in the past and could easily do that again. I was just looking for an application that does it better than Outlook. Judging by the responses, it appears that there isn’t anything out there to do this.

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This is the one that all the big Time Marketers Use!
Good luck!

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I used to use this to send out a newsletter and I found it very easy to use

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oh wow! thats JUST what I needed. Thanks so much!

plethora's avatar Free unless you are a power user

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I hope you’re not planning to become a spammer…

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