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If the world were to go to war, who would win?

Asked by crunchaweezy (1733points) August 8th, 2008

I find this question rather interesting, how do you think it would go down? Who would be the strongest and most destructive?

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maybe china, but I doubt it

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China. They have the most people to spare.

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Which country is on which side, or are you describing total chaos?

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Russia might beat Georgia.

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Consider countries teaming up and all that.

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is it every counrty for itself, if it is i say china, they do have a lot of people considering the land, hill, and, mts, and if it comes to melee combat china knows kung fu.

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@crunch; It’s your question. Give us the list of players, please.

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It all depend on allies with who. The strongest country wouldn’t necessarily win. I’m sure they’re all gang up on the USA and China.

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Everyone would lose

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We all lose

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don’t forget nukes in the equation.

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Well I think that Africa would be a key point for any country to take and would give better access to South America which would give them a better chance at taking the underbelly of America. Now by the I hope we will have a whole fleet of ABLs so 80% of the missiles will be taken care of if we are successful in that area of combat. I guess we would team up with Canada and just take over Mexico and middle America, Australia will be on our side for protecting them in WWII. Half of Europe will probably be absorbed by Russia, and the rest will become something like European Nation. North Korea will take over South Korea, they have a good chance with teaming up with Russia and China. Japan will probably join with us and will give us a great advantage with bombing missions and defeating the Communists as I would call Korea, China, Russia and others. If Europe doesn’t team up with us then it will try and get the Arab countries on their side, along with everyone else, because to have a war you need lots of oil and the Arabs will have us by the balls on that even with offshore drilling and Texas. New York, D.C., L.A., and other big cities that are costal will probably be filled with military personal and will be frequently attacked. Southern America will have to be heavily defended if Cuba goes with the Communists because you never know what will be put there. We will probably see strange and secret weapons that we have hidden from the pubic along with other country’s secrets. In the end everyone’s economies will plummet, there might be only 2 or 3 ruling countries and billions will be dead.

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@pork you played a lot of risk as a kid didnt you?

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I happen to be a somewhat expert on strategics and warfare and your solution porkxs is somewhat, well very flawed, but it’s a good plan anyway. maybe.

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I certainly hope it does not happen again. War makes strange bedfellows as we know. There is no way to guess which countries would be allied, because you did propose a triggering event or series of events.

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Just watching the Olympic athletes entering, when Russia (where I was born) was entering the announcers said “Putin knows something the athletes do not at this moment” and talked about Georgia and Russia.

Thought that was important to put in broadcast. (also recording all I can)

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canada would win. Period.


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O Canada!! in a good way :)

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@Uber, nope, never picked up a piece of the game, but I did have a year and a half of military strategy class at a military school.

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The cockroaches would win. duh

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Switzerland Because they’d have the sense to not get involved.

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What about mosquitoes there’s a lot of water for them to have babies.

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Okay, let’s just say, whoever wins the medal count at the Olympics win this war.

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The Olympics don’t have sports involved in killing fellow competitors.

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Well apparently Russia and Georgia aren’t too happy with each other.

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The military industrial complex.
All the rich Americans that sold weapons to all of these countries.

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Obviously Australia. They get two extra reinforcements per turn. Duh.

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reinforcments from where?

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nice! (australian accent), wait i heard kangaroos box don’t they?

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honestly, it would be America, We would just sit back while the rest of the world killed eachother, we would only have to hold of mexico and canada, which would be easy. then once the slug match in asia/europe was over, we would just steam role them. Assuming we didnt nuke everything first.

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Hmm, I guess your not familiar with how many countries don’t really like us and would happily team up just to take us down.

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Hmm I guess your not familiar with how many countries do like us and would happily join us just to take out the other ones. We would have probably all of NATO, japan, australia. My first scenario was just under the assumption that it would be a battle royale. But if people could team up, I think the United States and its allies would def seize the day.

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It would be interesting to see what kind of unheard tech they’d use.

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Well NATO consists of 26 countries and most of them don’t have the best militaries, and Japan and South Korea(If it doesn’t get taken over by North Korea or by any others) would be the most useful. And yes as crunch said we have no clue what other countries have or what the government has been concealing from the public so there is no definite way to even really predict the winner.

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Well, Actually, if you look at who has the strongest economies, that is a pretty good predictor. Since a war of that scale would probably go on for a long time. The teams with the ability to fund a long war would most likely win. Also, It would be hard for anyone to actually invade the United States, since we are protected by 2 oceans, Yet, the United States has no problem projecting our power beyond the oceans. Which we have Proven for over 100 years.

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battle royale, hey that’s my phrase :( -> ;)
and hey i believe the U.S.A would probably win but with the help of Allies.

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I may be partial but I think the US. It may be that I live here in the US but I do agree with wrestlmaniac that we would need Allies.

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The one with the best nukes! Currently I think that would be the US.

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