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Did fluther goose askjelly to get the pinterest buy?

Asked by BellaB (6451points) March 22nd, 2017

A new poster just said he’d joined fluther as askjelly is shutting down.

Askjelly was just bought by Pinterest.

My suspicious mind wonders if that brief burst of askjelly questions being forced onto fluther earlier this year was an attempt to make askjelly look like a busier/more upscale site than it was.

In any case – congratulations to Ben Finkel on his new role at Pinterest.

Watching the social networking universe is fascinating.

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I just saw a newbie asking nervously about how to navigate this site as they are an Askjelly refugee. I don’t like Askjelly but I never complain about why it exists because I know there will be people who love it as much as we love Fluther.

And I’m happy for Ben too. I’m surprised at how much he has achieved besides creating this wonderful site.

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I guessed at the time that might be why they were doing it. Pretty much standard operating procedure before trying to sell such an entity, no?

Also, welcome to any former Askjelly users!

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I think they might have been trying to integrate the two and sell both or, as you say, to make Jelly appear busier and, ahem, smarter.

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Conspiracy theory: Ben is doing this to get people to move to Fluther, hence increase traffic for the site and save it! ~

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I’m a proud refugee from – I had even had aspirations of one day having a job at Jelly Industries. It’s sad and unfortunate but I’m starting to grow to like Fluther. The congruencies are uncanny!

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@MattJude Welcome! And I’m glad you enjoy this site. Please stick around.

Oh, and you have a refugee fellow too.

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Thank you! Such a nice welcome ☺️✌️

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@MattJude They’re not uncanny since Jelly was based on Ben’s first project – Fluther.

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Welcome @MattJude !

I quite like that a side effect of the pinterest purchase of askjelly could be a peppier Fluther.

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