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Is this site the best alternative to Jelly?

Asked by Outthere (84points) March 23rd, 2017 from iPhone

I’ve recently discovered and got into Jelly, a Q&A app that was recently acquired by Pinterest and is being shut down.
I used it on mobile- this site while having a mobile version is not optimized for a mobile experience.
What has your experience been here?

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Welcome to Fluther.

There is only one reason this site is any good: the members. It may seem hard to believe, but many of the people on this site actually care. If you have a question about a mental health matter, I’ll be happy to share what works for me. There are many others with their own areas of expertise, too.

There is one thing that takes some people a bit of time to get used to. We are serious about good grammar and proper usage. The mods will pull a question with just a typo. It’s not permanently deleted. It’s sent to be edited by the original poster.

There are some other quirky aspects that I’m sure will surprise you.

Enjoy yourself!

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Hi @Outthere and welcome!
I have been here for several years so I am biased that Fluther is the very best Q&A site that you can find at this time. As @Hawaii_Jake says, it’s not just the questions and answers but the people. We get to know each other and we have helped each other through a lot of bad times and good.

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Indeed. It says tap the collective for a reason.

Welcome to the pond. Perhaps we can enrich each other’s lives, through shared knowledge, and opinion.

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Welcome to Fluther!
As others here have said, Fluther is a more personal experience. I’ve visited Jelly a few times and found that people don’t typically discuss the answer with each other. They just answer and that’s it. On Fluther, we discuss our answers with each other more, to find out more about that person and/or see where they are coming from. Most other Q&A sites I’ve been on aren’t as close-knit as this one is- the users seem to rarely interact other than answering questions.
This is a great site to learn and meet very nice people, so I hope you decide to stay.
I’ve also noticed, looking at these other sites like Jelly and Quora, they don’t seem to be sticklers about grammar. Make sure everything is spelled correctly and that your questions/ answers are thoughtful and well written. Just like what @Hawaii_Jake says, the moderators will push your question back to editing if you have a lot of typos.
I hope you have a great day, @Outthere and once again, welcome to Fluther! :)

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Hi @Outthere and welcome to Fluther. I have been known to call Fluther an oasis on the internet. The people here are (generally) very friendly, caring and thoughtful. If you have questions, people here will give you considered responses. I hope you will try us out and enjoy the experience. Fluther is a community as well as providing responses. If you stick around, we are likely to adopt you and you’ll become as addicted as we are.

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I would like to add that every question you ask will most likely be answered. I’ve never had a question that was never answered.

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Hi @Outthere . Fluther is a great alternative if you are looking for is an online community that discusses questions. If you’re looking for an opinion-free answer, you might get it here, but you’re more likely to find discussion.

One of my jams is good, thought-provoking discussion, so I find this a good online spot. It’s got members with great senses of humour which really adds to my appreciation of the site.

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There would be no Jelly without Fluther.


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Best alternative to jelly is blancmange

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I have no answer, but there is an obvious question to be asked regarding the demise of Jelly.

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@ucme I think some would prefer lemon curd. ;)

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Hi, @Outthere! Welcome to Fluther.
We are more than a Q&A site. We are a community, a family. We agree, disagree, air opinions and random thoughts. We are a support system. We get to know each other’s quirks. Our mods are part of the family, and possess a few quirks too. We love them, even if they sometimes frustrate us.
There are several members who have special skills which are quite helpful.
We are happy for newcomers to join, happier if they choose to stay.

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@Tropical_Willie See, jelly over here is what you lot call jelo, what you call jelly we call jam.
So jelly & ice cream or jelly & blancmange are classic bedfellows, lemon curd is all kinds of ewww!!

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I quite like lemon curd, but not with jelly. And blancmange… (grimaces). Hate that stuff. I do like jelly and ice cream though. I’d never thought about that @ucme. That Jelly to us is actually jam to our US friends.

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Yeah @Earthbound_Misfit they speak english apparently…

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Welcome @Outthere . I have never used any other Q & A sites. This place is like my home away from home. We are definitely a community and we love to have new people join us here. You can ask and discuss anything you like, but please try to be polite and respectful. We do sometimes have heated discussions, but most of the time, we try to be thoughtful of other people’s opinions and ideas. Also, we love and expect good grammar. Please don’t be offended if some of the “grammar fairies” tap their wand on your shoulder occasionally, they’re here to help.

We talk about everything from family and relationships, to work and co-workers, and technical questions, to favorite movies and books, to cooking, and camping, and traveling, and health, and politics, and sex, and pet care, and pet peeves, and driving habits, and pancakes, and favorite memories. And pretty much everything in between.

We have really good moderators on this site, so if you have any problems, questions, or concerns, do not hesitate to contact them. There is a button at the top right hand of your screen which is just for that purpose. You can also ask any of us questions and we can hopefully point you in the right direction.

Come on in, the water is fine : )

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@ucme & @Earthbound_Misfit… in the US we have three different kinds of sugar-preserved fruit spreads, because we like to make things complicated: jam, jelly, and preserves. Cooking Light steps through the differences… and if you haven’t seen it already, this “jelly” debacle has reminded me of a clip I ran across a little while ago… thought you might enjoy! ;)

@Outthere—another hearty welcome to Fluther! Hope you’re planning to stick aroundhere… My experiences on this site have always been positive. Fluther members are an eclectic, opinionated, well-spoken, compassionate, often hilarious group. You can ask them basically anything, and expect just about any type of conversation to appear.

We are as likely to get into the details of a topic as we are to get into a tangent on it—and we usually do both simultaneously.

We know how to have serious (and sometimes heated) conversations in one thread, and then throw a stupendous party in the next.

In fact, we have parties for certain lurve-based milestones in the “Meta” section, and everyone’s invited—good fun, where the drinks are self-pouring and the lurve is free-flowing.

There are some recurring game threads—jump on into them when you see them.

Also: we have a strong affinity for pancakes.

Some things you might not know yet, but might find useful at some point:
– Look over the guidelines if you haven’t yet. They’re brief, but give you a lay of the land.
– OP = original post or original poster, depending on context.
– GA & GQ = great answer and great question, respectively
– After a while, when you notice your questions or answers getting “GQ” or “GA” but your lurve score not increasing, it’s because whoever clicked the Great Question or Great Answer button has already maxed out on the points they can award you (we can each award each person 100 points. The GQ/GA still shows up on the post itself.) Not a huge thing, just something that can seem odd when you first notice it.
– The topic buttons (see the red-orange-boxed “questions” in your OP) are nifty. Click on it and you’ll be taken to that topic’s “page”—and you can see all the things you can do from there. If you’re on the dekstop version of the site, you can also hover over the icon for quick options.
– There is a 10-minute editing window on answers. You can see the editing option as red-orange underlined text on the bottom of your post.
– The editing window for questions is either 10 or 30 minutes. I think it used to be 30 but for some reason I think it’s 10 now? Anyway, there’s an editing window for questions, too.
– Questions can get moved from “General” to “Social” (ask a mod if it’s necessary) but rarely will they go from “Social” to “General.”
– There is a timestamp for responses on the desktop version of the site. Hover your cursor near the bottom of a response (in line with the username, score, “Great Answer” option, etc.). Once you see the paragraph symbol pop up, hover over it and wait for a second or two—the date and timestamp should appear in a hover-over text box.
– Click on the paragraph symbol to get the permalink for that specific reply—copy the new URL from your browser’s address bar.
– Typing an @ before a user’s name makes it into a link that, when clicked, takes you back to their most recent comment on the thread (or, when it’s the OP’s username, back to the top of the thread.) If you’re on the desktop version of the site, typing an @ into the textbox will make a dropdown list appear which contains all the names of users who have previously commented.
– Fluther users are typically called jellies or sometimes Flutherites

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Jelly on the plate
Jelly on the plate
Wibble wobble wibble wobble
Jelly on the plate…

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“Peanut… Peanut butter….

And jelly…”

“Inside peanut butter, outside jelly. 7 days in the week, 7 different Chevies….”

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Then there’s the long simmering argument over the origins & meaning of “jellyroll”

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I see my jellyroll each time I look down.

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