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What to do if you feel that there is no energy to do something?

Asked by anonxd (114points) March 23rd, 2017

When I have to make myself go through such inevitable thing, which I strongly dislike, a lot of my brain’s energy reserve is lost. And because of this, my productivity becomes very low for the rest of the day. I have to go through such things, several times a day(and yes, I have a miserable life). I want to ask that is there some sort of life hack by which I can increase my reserve energy level? And also recover my energy faster? I walk for half an hour or sleep for 2–3 hours to recover my lost energy but this is not always feasible, keeping 24 hours a day in mind.

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Lying down without sleeping. Shorter power naps. Meditation. Changing your life situation so you aren’t upset about it. Taking breaks and stepping outside. Changing/improving your work location (lighting, noise, distractions, air quality). Various other personal developmental approaches.

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@Zaku When I lie down and try to keep my eyes open,I still sleep in few minutes

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Is that normal for you? I usually associate that with needing to catch up on sleep a lot. Or at least add a few extra hours of sleep every night by going to bed early.

There could also be something biochemical going on, perhaps even from diet and/or caffeine use. I would try seeing a doctor, or better a good naturopath or Chinese medicine doctor (since both of the latter two may be much more likely to prescribe herbs over pharmaceuticals, which I would prefer).

Could also be depression from hating your work, or Seasonal Affective Disorder from not enough sunlight exposure…

So I’d start trying things. Getting a bunch of extra sleep may the easiest first try.

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