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How do I follow tech news without getting upset about all the devices I can't afford?

Asked by anonxd (114points) March 23rd, 2017

I really like exploring new electronic devices like laptops, cameras or latest gadgets hitting the consumer market. But while exploring them on the web, I start thinking that I cannot afford something half as good as the latest stuff (since I am not financially independent). And I stop following these updates because it seems a futile practice to know about those things in detail, which you can not buy. Is there a way by which I can browse these websites and still not take stress due to impossibility of buying?

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Forget that you can’t afford the stuff. You enjoy the field. Besides, you want to stay current in order to be ready “when your ship comes in.”

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Look at these things not from the position of the consumer, but from the position of the researcher. You need this to increase knowledge and general erudition. Your interest in new technologies is a good reason to get an appropriate technical education or to find work on this profile. Use this as motivation.

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I just wait 6 months and buy when on sale.

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You can make a YouTube channel and get free tech for reporting how it was.

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Get a hobby as a tech reviewer, maybe join:

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There is always going to be a house you can’t afford, a car you can’t afford, a yacht you can’t afford, a trip you can’t afford, clothing you can’t afford, a watch you can’t afford. That’s life. Unless you’re very, very rich, there’s always going to be something you can’t afford.

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