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Do I need to wear nylons for an interview?

Asked by rss (962points) August 8th, 2008

I will be wearing a skirt suit – but nylons are hot and it’s summer!

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I never wear them, personally, but it does look more professional. Remember, beauty is pain.

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For the interview, a one-time event, yes. It could mean the difference in whether you get the job.

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It completely depends on the type of job and the environment…for example: Bank – yes, Ad agency – no.

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Fishnets. You’ll defiantly get the job.

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@simone54, yes! but maybe NOT the job I intended…

the interview is for a summer associate position with a law firm.

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The answer is yes, if the job requires professional attire.

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You must wear them, then!

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I have worked as a legal assistant at law firms in the summers between my college years. The lawyers worth working for care about more than whether you wear stockings to the interview. (I never wore them, and I DO dress professionally.) Stockings are outdated. I wear hot business outfits, and I do NOT wear stockings with the skirt kinds of them.

In any event, a good boss will care primarily about your intelligence. The best lawyers to work for are more interested in your ability to carry on a logical and intelligent conversation with them. This is how the good attorneys choose their assistants. If their secretary gets their logic, that means they’re smart, will be able to follow through with ideas, and will be on top of everything.

Fuck the “nylons.”

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just do it.

As the early Nike slogan went.

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I always wear pants to interviews to avoid just this situation.

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Good choice @Megan

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Yes I agree with megan- nice dress pants.

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pants would be great in theory, but I’m short and don’t have time to get them tailored. hence, the issues with skirt suit etiquette.

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I’d lean towards the nylons! They are awful, it is summer and it’s way too hot to weat them; however, most places do pick up on the total look. It’s the details that get noticed…on paper and in appearance!

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@ girlofscience, did the lawyers you worked with wear nylons with skirt suits? if the trend is no more nylons that would be great news for me.

of course I realize that the content of the interview is more important, but I’d like to at least look like a lawyer in the couple of years before I become one. :)

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@rss: The trend in the fashion world is no nylons, but some professions haven’t quite caught on. I’d say, since this is your first interview for this type of job, you should err on the safe side and wear them. If you get the job, and others don’t wear them, then follow suit.

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@augustian – great answer!

Better to play it safe!

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Def wear them…......... also some tailors will do rapid service for an extra fee…. i bought a couple of skirt suits but have never had the guts to wear them in interviews…....

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@rss: The female lawyers at my firm did not wear them, even when they had court. :)

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Wear them. You are trying to put your best foot (or leg, ha ha!) forward. Remember this advice, You never get a second chance at a first impression. You don’t know what the hiring manager’s attitute is towards this, so don’t second guess. Go the extra mile, and wear them. If you find they aren’t required AFTER getting the job, more power to you. But don’t blow your interview chances with something so minor. A manager may think you are lazy or don’t really care about the job if you show up not comepletely put together.

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I would interview potential employees for a summer painting job, and if they didn’t make an attempt to dress nice for the interview I didn’t even consider them. Obviously nylons was not a big deal. But I would imagine for a law firm it is. And honestly, its just for the interview. I would rather dress too nice for it and make a great impression, than not nice enough.

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Nylons are old-fashioned, and if you are young, and have even-toned legs, you should look plenty professional in a skirt suit. Especially since it’s summer!

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Lisa Kudrow, as “Laura Sobel” in Analyze That:

“From one businesswoman to another; one word: Pantsuit.”

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she was always weird especially in friends.

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California or Florida No, New York or Chicago, Yes.

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Being that I am a male firefighter I would defiantly not wear them to the interview, nor would I recommend anyone come to an interview for my job with them on.

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….or would you? ;) It’s a free country.

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So when is the interview, and what did you decide to do?

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Removed by myself.. double post

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The first interviews happened (New York) and I have several upcoming (Seattle). I decided that I hate nylons too much to wear them given the heat. Seattle is cooler though, so I might pull some on there. But it’s unlikely. :)

It looked like about half the girls in skirt suits wore them and half didn’t. It seems to be more a personal preference thing now than anything else. And really – isn’t the fact that I’m IN a suit enough?

Thanks for all your imput!!

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It won’t hurt, and can help. So why not?

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Nylons are very much outdated. Just make sure your legs don’t glow in the dark! If they don’t hire you because you’re not wearing nylons, you wouldn’t wanna work there anyway.

Pantyhose were developed by men, right? I’ve never met a pair (or a man!!!) that fit right!

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ALWAYS WEAR HOSE FOR BUSINESS if your’e wearing a dress or skirt

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Yes, even if it’s not required in the office.

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