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In what ways are your personality, behavior and traits like your mother, father or other people that raised you?

Asked by jca (36043points) March 27th, 2017

Your behavior, traits and personality: In what ways are they like your parents or other people that raised you (your adopted parents, foster parents, grandparents, babysitters, etc.)?

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I inherited my dads designing eye, he was an Architect, and his analytical and calm personality. My mother was highly emotional and rather irrational but she also was quite creative, a trait of mine and my daughter as well.
She was a talented pianist and drew well, spoke 3 languages, so I guess I got the best of both but thankfully not my mothers histrionic side. Gah! haha

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I am most like my dad. I have his very dry sense of humor and flat feet. We both had the same opinions about music and saving money.

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I am neurotic and curious like my father, a Susie-Homemaker like my mother, highly sensitive like my maternal grandmother, meticulous and artistic like my paternal grandfather, unpretentious like my maternal grandfather and a lot like my paternal grandmother in too many ways to list.

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I hate to admit it, but I think I’m a lot more like my father than anyone else. He’s manipulative, holds grudges, ill-mannered, and short-tempered, and I am just the same. But on the other hand, he’s quiet, keeps to himself, a hard worker, and certainly doesn’t put up with anyone treating him badly.

I think I get my creativity from my mother, but other than that I inherited only her looks.

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Most of my my behavior is like my Mother like she trust people easily. She has a habit of making new friends, cooking delicious food (I cook but not like her), Spend less money on herself.
But if I talk about my other qualities like my emotional behavior it is totally like my father. He keep things on himself. Always tries to comfort others. Seeking something new for my family to laugh.
As per my opinion I look like my mother but people says I look like my father.
So, I guess it’s 50–50…. :-)

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My father died when I was 13 of alcoholism, so for the most part it’s hard to know what things came from him. Thankfully I have never had any problems with alcohol or drugs, but I def have an eating disorder and tendencies towards addictions.

I do know he was intelligent and loved to learn as did my mother, so I believe that was passed down. My mother has always lived for music, and I was told my father loved music, so that also became a huge part of who I am.

I also take after my mother in kindness, compassion and a big heart. My whole family loves animals and all of us always have at least one pet who are part of us.

I am the only one in my family who sings but, my mother was a dancer forever, so that rhythm is in my soul.

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I’m like my mom in that she loved babies, kids and swimming and was clever and careful with money. I’m like my dad in that I can pick up animals, whether they have fur or scales, and look after them or find them help and touch icky stuff without getting grossed out, do home maintenance myself, fish, hike, drive a stick.

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My dad was pretty calm and very rational. He was also very trustworthy and had a strong work ethic. I’m very similar in many ways.

My mum died when I was young, but I know she loved reading and from everything I’ve heard and read, she loved her children and was a good mum. I love to read and my kids say I’m a good mum. I feel very close to my children.

When the ‘who do you look like’ genes were handed out, my kids got mine. I look at photos of my children and I can see my brother and my dad or my sister or my mum. Not so much ‘me’, but I think that’s because I’m too close. People have said my daughter and son look very much like me.

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I don’t think I have any of their behaviors except my dad’s love of reading. I can’t think of anything else I share with either of them.

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I’m like my father and my grandfather on my mother’s side.

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