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With all this dangerous weather, who is safe?

Asked by Patty_Melt (11116points) March 28th, 2017

There is dangerous weather all over the Eastern U.S.
Australia is being ravaged by a cyclone.
Are our jellies safe?
What about loved ones, or property?
Will everyone please check in, so we can see if anyone is unable to log on?
If you have been, or are being affected by severe sever weather, will you share the details with us?

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No probs here. Light rain, wind 9 knots out of the SE. 24°C/76°F at 0600hrs AST, 13° North of the Equator at Greenwich minus 3hrs.

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Nothing to report.

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Awesome in Alberta. 12 degrees Celsius and sunny. I walked to the grocery store and back got $72 worth of food.

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Forty miles north had a thunderstorm with ping-pong ball sized hail, it spring time in North Carolina.

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Weather’s great here in Florida.

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I’m in Queensland, but not near the cyclone. We are heading into a period of rain thanks to Debbie, but me and mine are safe. Lots of people up North are suffering the effects of Cyclone Debbie. Hopefully they will have power restored soon and can start cleaning up and repairing.

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So glad you are safe!
Thanks to the jellies who are checking in.
Does anybody know of someone we should be concerned for?
We have jellies in Tennessee and Alabama, I think.

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No problems here, except for the occasional ion storm and meteoroid shower.

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Loli, you have no idea how relieved I am that you are okay.
Stay safe.

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It’s not hurricane season here yet. This time of year it’ll start to storm every afternoon. It’s transitioning from warm, to hot. I’m still having repairs done on my house from the last hurricane. Otherwise, it’s just muggy as hell.

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All is good here at 26.357891, 127.78378

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Yeah he is, being in his tardis & able to jump to a time & place whether the weather is good or bad…

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We had tornadoes and hail all around us for most of the night, but even though we had a tornado alarm on, we slept soundly. It’s sunny and calm now.

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@snowberry, I am glad you posted. I wasn’t sure how close that came to you.
We have other Texans, don’t we?

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The San Francisco Bay Area is a sunny warm wind free day with no fog. No dangerous weather here unless you’re talking risk of sunburn.

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The Los Angeles smog basin is the same as @zenvelo‘s area, as we are on the verge of another wildfire season.

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Well, they just closed all schools for Southeast-Queensland and recommended businesses close at lunchtime because we’re expecting so much rain and high winds this afternoon. They don’t want people on the roads unless they really need to be out.

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^Be careful @Earthbound_Misfit . I’ve been through dozens of hurricanes, they each have their own challenges. Keep safe, and let us know when it’s over,and you’re ok.

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Yes, please be safe! And, stay in touch when you can.

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The news is reporting there have already been 30 rescues and it’s only 9.42am. They expect the weather to intensify today. The cyclone is gone, this is the rain depression she’s left behind. We have flooding and road closures already. I’ve never known them to close schools and tell businesses to close at lunchtime. They don’t want people on the roads.

At the moment, there is steam coming out of my ears because my daughter said her employers aren’t sending people home. I’ve told her, if she is in an accident, I’ll sue their arses off! She works for a building company. There’s no need for the staff to be in during this sort of weather. She’ll have to drive home through some very hairy roads. I’m so fucking angry. I’ve told her to speak to her bosses.

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OMG! Can she get a room somewhere safe until conditions change? Friends?

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They expect the worst weather this afternoon, but I’d rather she was home and safe. If worst came to worst, I’d ask my husband to go and pick her up and drive her home. He’s a much more experienced driver. I want to call them and abuse them, but my husband has tied my hands (joking obviously). I’m currently hoping when I hear from her next it will be to say she’s going home. It’s pouring down.

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I’m here, safe and sound. I’m in Southern California. Nothing but sunshine here today.

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I am not experiencing dangerous weather, but the rain goes on, and on…
Light show started a little while ago.

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It’s starting to rain here in lower Wisconsin. Looks like we may have heavier rain later.

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Last week we had about a foot of snow and then it was followed by rain and an extremely rare thunderstorm and now all the snow is gone. The weather is getting spring like, but I said that before the large dump of snow last week. I’m at 63N so, anything goes. We’ve had snow on the 17th of May.

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Winds will be steady at over 20 knots on the Bay today, meaning all the pollen from the heavy growth of grasses resulting from the winter’s rain will play havoc with allergy sufferers.

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Two towns were evacuated due to flooding in Earthbound Misfit’s area.
I just heard from her, and they are okay. I will let her fill in details when she is ready.

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April showers have arrived one day early on a lovely spring afternoon.

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