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Does your music taste change with the weather?

Asked by richardhenry (12692points) June 17th, 2008 from iPhone

On a hot day, there is nothing I love to listen to more than the Dandy Warhols. But it’s cold right now, the sun is setting, I’m on a train staring out the window and I’m listening to Imogen Heap. Does your music taste change with the weather? If so, how so?

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to me it’s just how active i am, i wake up with jazz, walk to school with neo classical, shuffle @ school, and my current favorite CD the rest of the day, and some more shuffle before i go to sleep

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Absolutely! When summer comes around I go all pop-disco-esque or power-pop/rock. In winter it’s a bit heavier.
I still can’t listen to Coldplay though – with all the rain in Ireland, that’s just too depressing.

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Just thought I’d add that there’s some pretty amazing clouds in the sky right now. Tried taking a photo to post but phone quality sucks.

@iwamoto: What’s the CD of the moment?

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Oh yes, weather and time of day. I like classical in the morning, jazz after dark, classic rock late night, and sing along rock for road trips.

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Definitely. When it’s warm and sunny out, I lean toward upbeat music. Especially more hip-hop, and dance music (stuff with a beat). When it’s cold and cloudy, I lean more toward dark, or more somber music.

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I don’t know. I’d love to create some sort of app from say the API to help me see how different things affect my music tastes. I don’t think the weather affects my music directly. I think it’s more of my mood and weather combination affecting my music taste. Sometimes, like now, I’ll listen to anything general. But sometimes (like this time of night and this weather) I want to listen to songs that tend to be ‘hollow’ in the way they make me feel (trying to explain how music makes you feel is so hard), other times It’s different. Most of the time I just want to lose myself in certain songs which take time to find. But once I find the right song I drown out everything else. </ramble>

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I listen to music based on my mood rather than weather or other factors. I’ve also found that I can moderate my mood through music. If I’m in a crappy/angry mood, I can gradually play less caustic music until I calm down.

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Yes absolutely

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I use to work in radio. Its pretty common for ratings to fluctuate with the seasons. For example pop stations tend to go up in the spring and summer. And classic rock and oldies stations go up in the fall and winter. I guess people tend to get more nastagic then.

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It depends on the temperature, and what I’m drinking at the time. With me morning coffee, something upbeat and driving and fun, like Don’t Lose Touch by Against Me is good for all weathers, drives the cobwebs away. Driving in the rain, during the day, Nick Cave. Driving at night in the rain, In the Air Tonight, Phil Collins (I’m such a geek ;^). Long distance driving, epic rock/metal (Leviathan by Mastodon, Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Iron Maiden) Sitting on the beach, with something rummy in my hand: War, Marley, anything mellow. Out on the deck with a beer on a warm summa night, Van Morrison, The Police, etc. In the garage with a beer on a cold winter night, whatever I feel like. Usually Sinatra. By Helmet.
So I guess the short answer was…yes.

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@richard, the cd of the moment is:

a night with John Petrucci and Jordan Rudess

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yeah, in the winter I tend to listen to more classical and when its warm I really gotta have reggae!!!

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not really i pretty much I like the same music what ever the weather

Ha did ya get it what ever the weather
did ye see what I done there with the questin and my answer

Oh just forget I ever said any thing

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Well, yes and no. For example, if its cloudy and the “Clouds Taste Metallic”, there is a good chance I’ll listen to The Flaming Lips or if there’s a “Summer Breeze”, Seals and Croft, but I don’t care how many “Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head”, under no circumstances will you find me listening to B.J. Thomas.

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With my mood.

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Absolutely. Sunny, warm weather makes me want to roll the windows down and crank up The Ramones; cloudy, cool weather has me breaking out the Imogen Heap. (Good choice, by the way…)

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Only sometimes it does. Like I like listening to upbeat songs when its like that summer driving weather. And when its cold I guess it would be a little more down beat. But a lot of the time it depends on my mood.

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When it snows, I get the urge to listen to Vivaldi. Trite, I know….

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As a person with seasonal depression I listen to fewer musics during the eternal New York winter.

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