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What do you think of the alarming prediction for a severe storm in the NE for this Wed. and Thurs.?

Asked by gailcalled (54443points) November 4th, 2012

A significant East Coast storm appears likely for Wednesday and Thursday with gusty winds, rain and inland mountain snow.

If accurate, this is very disheartening for some of us and truly terrifying for those who were (and still are) the worst hit by Sandy.
My cousin in a commuting suburb of NYC isn’t due to have her power restored until Friday, November 9.

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I looked up the weather for manhattan specifically since my family there had a lot of trouble during and post Sandy. What I am worried about most is the cold temperatures and that some of the work being done to restore power and water will be delayed those who are still doing without. My sister and aunt finally got power back yesterday, and now have running water, but still no heat nor hot water. I am miserable thinking about how miserable they are in the cold temperatures. I am hopeful the wind won’t interrupt their electricity again. It doesn’t look like the winds will be strong enough to likely knock out a lot off power if it was a typical time, but anything could happen of course.

Some things most certainly will come lose that right now are holding on by threads, so there will be some more destruction of some sort, but I think not on a major scale. The biggest problem os the psychological and physical fatigue of the people in the region. I lived in FL several years back when we had 4 hurricanes in one season and it was frustrating even for people who had no damage to their property. Preparing, waiting, aftermath, curfews, it’s quite stressful, and we were never freezing.

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My sympathy goes out to all in the east coast region and those will be affected by this. My advice would be to make sure you are stocked up on all the necessities. Plan ahead and try and make a family atmosphere. Perhaps watching a movie will help take the kids minds off the storm.

You should try and take the positive out of this situation in the sense that at least you know you can prepare for it. Here on the westcoast we have “the big one” over due and can’t locate the exact day it’ll happen.

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It’s hard to watch movies if you don’t have power.

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This could get old real fast. I’m sure that even the hardiest New Yorkers must by now be thinking where can I move that’s warm and hurricane/nor’easter free.

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I am hoping that it will not be on as large a scale.

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What the heck did we do to deserve this shit?

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I have loved ones all over NY, and some on Long Island still have no power. I invited them to hop on a plane and hunker down at my place for a while.

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@DigitalBlue Very nice. Yeah, anyone in the City or the Island should probably drain the water and get the heck out.

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I wish my aunt could just hop on a a plane and come here. I’m calling bed bath and beyond in a little bit to see if I can have a heater and electric blanket delivered. I have my doubs they have stock or can deliver same day. Otherwise I will ship something from here overnight, hoping mail deliveries are all getting through.

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No global warming here. No, no, no. It must be, um, God’s punishment for gay marriage. Yeah, that’s it.

My brother and his family are also in a suburb of New York and have been told that they will not get power restored until Friday.

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@Adirondackwannabe Failed to stop global warming by reducing emissions.

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@marinelife I’ve tried to do my part all of my life. Laughs, you just made me remember my cousin’s reaction when he was in the navy and I was wearing one of my Greenpeace shirts. “You’re one of them?”

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I’d be particularly concerned for the line crews working on downed power lines… and those that will be going down as a result of the new storm.

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Well…clearly you east coasters all hogging all the dramatic weather systems. Pffft!
I hope this isn’t another drought year for us Californians. It seems to be a pattern that when the east coast is getting slogged with storms the west coast is dead in the storm waters.
While I hope this Nor’easter doesn’t add more injury to injury I can’t help but be jealous of the stormy action.

Wow…we might see a few rain and snow showers this weekend…big whoop!
Today is going to be 80 degrees, and can you believe it….SUNNY!
I want weather, real weather that dumps about 16 feet of snow on these mountains!

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I hope people who can get ready, are getting ready. Have supplies in your home for at least a week so you are not one of those people crying that they are starving 12 hours after the power goes out.
If you can afford cable, you can afford a small $200 generator sitting on a top shelf in your garage or closet. I realize that folks in tiny apartments don’t have the same flexibility as homeowners but you should still have a full food pantry. If you have a car, fill it with gas and have spare gas can in there too. Pack a duffel bag with clothes, cash and meds and keep it on a top shelf never to be touched. It does not take much to get ready. You will not be able to handle a massive event like a Katrina flood that takes out your entire house. Accept help.
But if your house is solid, you should be able to handle a power outage for as long as week without needing anything from the outside. That is my definition of ready.

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@ETpro I was thinking the same. @coloma Be careful what you ask for! We’re totally the worst in driving through wet traffic.

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@_Whitetigress Haha..I’m a mountain mama, bring it on! :-)

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@LuckyGuy!!!! Have you had a small stroke or something? You’re one of the smartest, most knowledgeable and sensible people around here. Advising people to run a portable gas generator inside their closet or garage!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have lost your effing mind???


Or even that close to the house, really.

You may survive the storm but the build up of carbon monoxide would very likely be enough to kill you, your entire family and your pets too!!

If you have fish they might survive a little longer but there would no one left alive to feed them.

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@lillycoyote GA. We’ve lost a bunch of people in the state from CO poisoning.

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I didn’t read @LuckyGuy‘s post that way. I think he meant you could be storing it in a closet or garage because he says “If you can afford cable, you can afford a small $200 generator sitting on a top shelf in your garage or closet.”

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@chyna Oops, thanks. Went back and reread it and you are correct.
@LuckyGuy I should never doubt your sense. Just we have a lot of people without that around here.

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Puhleeze! You all know me better than that! Never run a generator in the house!!!!

@chyna understood me perfectly! I believe everyone should be ready. If you never need to use it, great! But you should have one on the shelf. Maybe your neighbor will need it
During the last ice storm here my generator took care of 6 homes! We passed it from house to house. People would run it for an hour to empty their sump pumps and keep their refrigerators and freezers cold. Then they’d pass it to the next neighbor. Out of the 6 homes, 4 of us had generators but the other 3 did not start. Poor maintenance.
My generator is out on the screened in porch inside a tube of carpet to help muffle the sound. It exhaust directly outdoors through the screen.
To further reduce vibration and noise. I put the whole assembly on top of a large heavy piece of ¾ counter top that is sitting on 5 rubber feet. The setup works great.
(I posted pictures of it on my Lucky Guy facebook account if you are curious.)

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@LuckyGuy I thought I knew you better. That’s why I was worried that you might have had small a stroke or something. :-)

It’s just that people actually do do that kind of thing, I couldn’t imagine that you would, but people do.

Though it never hurts to remind people about generator safety (that’s my save here)

Thanks for clarifying. Sorry about the confusion.

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I have taken off 6 days so far and really want to go back to work. i have no power at home and neither does close family who lives in the area, so it’s a real issue.

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Tonight’s weather forecast was that Boston may get as much as 1.6 inches of snow. I’m now North of Boston in the burbs. But they often warn in our weather forecasts of the worst-case just so people will be prepared. For the sake of those without heat or habitable shelter, I sure hope this is what the weatherman is doing with this prediction.

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For NYC right now the forecast is temperatures above freezing, some rain but not much, and gusty winds to 40 mph. In town I wouldn’t worry about any of those much. In local suburbs the wind is likely to be more disruptive as it will knock down branches that are weak from Sandy.
A friend in nearby New Jersey has lost power twice after Sandy had passed, on Wednesday and again last night, Monday, a week later.

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