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Have you experienced roller coaster of emotions?

Asked by imrainmaker (8375points) March 31st, 2017

If yes how did you deal with it?

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Feel the emotions. Cry when necessary. Talk to a close friend who is willing to listen.

That was how I handled it once I got to the point of not being self destructive (not drinking, not getting stoned, not eating a quart of ice cream.)

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Yes, I have bipolar disorder, so I have experienced being elated and plummeting to the depths of despair in seemingly no time.

I coped by telling my psychiatrist and psychologist. I have other tools I use, too, such as meditation and exercise. They help a great deal.

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Yes, several times. All that can be done is to feel your way through them, not stuff them in or hide them.

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Sure. Having a baby put me in a whirl.

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Ever had one with less than an hour in labor? It is like being chained to the front of the bullet train.

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In university. .. I failed out and ran home to live with my mom for 12 years.

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Just about everyday. I went to a psychiatrist 20 years ago and I have been on meds ever since. Also many many years of counseling.
I should say that I have PTSD and Depression, so there you are.

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