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Can you give me any advice on weight loss?

Asked by feistyismad (223points) August 9th, 2008

I have lost 30lbs and work out, but it seems i am not losing anymore and i need to lose about 15 or 20 more.

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Most people drop weight quickly in the beginning, hit a plateau, and drop the rest very slowly. The key here is to not get bored or frustrated and keep up your routines. The weight will come off… just slower.

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1. Smash an onion to your face
2. Repeat step 1

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@magnus: what the hell?
feisty: First of all: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (30 lbs is a lot! you go girl!!!!!)
As poof suggested, it sounds like you have hit a plateau, at this point I would say the best thing to do is continue the eating habits that have been working for you so far, and really step up your workouts! focus on cardio. while weight training is important, it is an anabolic activity (meaning it builds tissue, in this case muscle) which is great, but if you’re looking for fat loss, you quickest route is going to be intense cardio. do whatever works for you, run, cycle, take aerobics, kickboxing, step, spinning classes, join a running group, volleyboll club, softball team, swim laps. do any or all different types of activity, just try to make sure you do something for at least an hour almost everyday!

I hope that helps! Let us know how it goes!

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thanks, my problem is that with back and shoulder problems there is not a lot of intense exercising i can do so i have to stick to machines and treadmills and i can’t walk longer than 20 to 25 minutes at a a time so i am assuming that is part of the problem. if i don’t lose another pound at least i can tone up.

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i guess i’m a little confused:

can you not walk longer than 20 minutes because of the back and shoulder problems or because you get winded?

why are treadmills any different than walking outside for you?

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@chica: I have problems with my back… and I can walk on a treadmill better than I can outside… not sure why. Even better than that though, I can be on the elliptical forever and my back won’t hurt… where it’ll hurt after maybe 1/2 an hour on the treadmill.

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Walking outside involves bumps, irregularities and uneven surfaces that are often concrete or macadam. Machines have a predictable surface and therefore prevent shocks to vertebrae.

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If you don’t have any pain on the cross trainer, I’d focus on that. Don’t stop the weight training, but add at least three hours of pretty intense cardio per week—however you can get it. Congrats on the thirty pounds lost so far, but the real test is developing and maintaining a routine that will allow you to steadily get down to the weight you want (assuming your target weight is realistic and healthy). Start (or continue) eating well, and develop a routine of working out. Aim for losing one to three pounds per week until you’ve met your goal.

And remember, if you’re building muscle, the weight won’t come off as fast, as muscle weighs more than fat. That’s no reason to stop building muscle.

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treadmills are easier to walk on, even surface, and i can’t walk longer than 20 or 25 minutes because my knee will give out on me because of my back. but i can ride the stationary bike forever, i guess because i have no weight on it. i will continue my work outs bcause they make me feel better over all

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The stationery bike doesn’t make your knees hurt? Interesting. I much prefer the treadmill because of knee issue.

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i feel some weakness on the bike . i prefer the treadmill, i just walk 20 minutes go work out on the other equipment and come back to the treadmill.

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@Feisty; now my attitude is “Congratulations to me on what I can do.” Forget about the self-flagellation, I tell myself. Anyway, 30 lbs is nothing to sneeze at. Let the rest drop off slowly and don’t beat yourself up.

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I highly recommend to anyone who’s trying to lead a more healthy lifestyle and/or lose weight. It’s a FREE website that will help you monitor what you’re eating and how much you’re exercising.

say that ‘hannahsug’ referred you and i’ll get points!

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Hi FS! Good to see you!!

First, you know that I’m a huge fan of yours, this is just one more thing to say that you ROCK out loud, about!

Anyway, the weakness you are experiencing, have you talked to a doc about this? Has he/she suggested any kind of strength training? While continuing on w/ the cardio, strength training is important. Toning and building some muscle (yes, it can add weight, but do it in moderation!) will actually help your metabolism, more lean muscle helps!

As crazy as it sounds, adding a little more to your diet (smart choices! maybe more proteins) and not a huge amount, can help get you off the plateau. You might add something extra, 2 or 3 days a week. As soon as you start to lose again, reduce the calories/fat/proteins, slowly – to find what you can eat during the day and still continue to lose.

Great job!

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hi cak,
yeah i talked to the dr, he said do what i can and don’t overdo, i have 2 ruptured disc an 3 hernaiated disc, bone spurs, an arthiritis and the disc is touching the nerves. the cardio i haven’t tried because i have an irregular heartbeat and some times if i work out too much is gets to irregular, bu ti cotinue to try to work out and i have help from the trainers at the gym.

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FS, well, the walking is good cardio for you, then! I would avoid the really heavy duty stuff, especially with all other issues. If you ever get the chance to do anything in the pool, it is a great way to get exercise without the impact on your back. Laps or even pool aerobics.

The change in the diet will help get you off the plateau, be care! Just remember, you’ve done a great job, so far, the rest will be a little harder, but it will happen. Slowly is better than too fast!

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