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What causes people to sometimes read a question, and then respond as though you're seeking advice about what to do and how to do it, when all you really asked for was opinions?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44147points) April 7th, 2017

Is it a Fluther thing, or is it human nature?

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I see it too. Its a Fluther thing. It happens when Jellies remember facts from previous questions.

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If this happens to you, just remind the person that you’re seeking opinions, not advice, or include a disclaimer in the question details. ;)

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@cinnamonk (LOL!) I guess! But if they read the details they’ll realize it for themselves. I think what usually happens is one person will post with advice you didn’t ask for, then others see that and just go from there.

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On Fluther, sometimes the details are so long and rambly, with a bunch of personal anecdotes, that it is difficult to determine if the asker wants opinions or advice.
And on Fluther, as in real life, most people want to make it better, to somehow help the asker.

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^^ That’s true, too. Sometimes it’s hard to tell. In other cases, it’s not, and the details are short.

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If this is in reference to what I said on your post about you selling the car to the crazy driver, I wasn’t really trying to give advice. I just re-read what I said and I get where I might have come across as giving advice, but I answered your question with what you wanted. You asked what emotions we would have felt, and I said I would have been too worried to have sold her the car. My first answer came across as more of an advice thing, but that was me trying to explain the emotion I would have felt. I wasn’t trying to give advice.
If this isn’t in reference to what I said in your post, then here is my general answer: I see people do that in real life too. Some people just assume they know everything and/or that everyone wants to hear their advice.

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Oh, I wasn’t even thinking about that, really. I just didn’t understand, and still don’t, why you would refuse to sell a person a car because they’re a shitty driver, unless that car meant something to you, which this one didn’t.

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Perhaps because you don’t ever seem to respect opinions. And in the particular case, you didn’t ask for opinions, you asked for what people’s behavior is. And one person responded describing what she does, and you argued with her.

So it isn’t a matter of people responding as you receive them to be, it is an outgrowth of your extended argument with them.

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I don’t even know what you are talking about @zenvelo, or what question you are referring to.

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Pretty much all of them.

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I think sometimes on Fluther, depending on who is asking the question, if they argue with the people who are responding, then the responses may become advice.

OP: “But what if,” “but why” “why would?”

Responder: “Ok, then don’t.”

There are some Jellies that have been accused of arguing on multiple occasions. If you look at their posts, you’ll see it’s an accurate accusation.

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In reading the answers, I see several posts that answer the question with advice. But it is in Social after all!

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