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Do all-punctuation question titles break Fluther?

Asked by Zaku (25523points) April 8th, 2017

Looks like RedDeerGuy broke Fluther by posting a question with the title ”...”.

It shows up, but trying to link to it links to Fluther//, which fails.

Unless I’m mistaken. Yes?

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Oh… maybe I am wrong. It now shows a title. Maybe he was in the middle of composing or editing it when I loaded the question list.

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@Zaku Correct. I changed my duplicate question. To a more thoughtful question.

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Yeah this isn’t the first time this has happened. It’s a bug that nobody’s gotten around to fixing. All-punctuation titles would be modded off for poor quality anyway, so it’s not a huge problem.

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@Mariah I did it again… sorry I asked a question than found the answer and ran out of time.

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