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Is there a good substitute for buttermilk?

Asked by 2davidc8 (8227points) April 20th, 2017

Many a pancake recipe calls for buttermilk. But I don’t want to use dairy products. Is there a good substitute?

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An equal amount of milk, with a tablespoon or so of vinegar stirred in, and left to sit for a couple of minutes. The milk will thicken and sour, and will work fine.

I often do this for soda bread recipes, because I don’t use buttermilk often enough to merit buying it by the quart.

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Similar, but I use lemon juice instead of vinegar, mixed with milk.

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I think they are asking for NON dairy.

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Vinegar and soy milk should do the trick as well for a non-dairy option.

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You might try almond milk and vinegar. You don’t have to have buttermilkish liquid with pancakes, so maybe use plain water. You only need buttermilk with buttermilk pancakes.

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Whoops, totally didn’t read the details. Sorry, Zenvelo.

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The buttermilk probably helps the pancake rise. Some recipes call for baking powder, which takes care of it, the egg yolks give rise to batter also.

Just look for a pancake recipe without buttermilk and substitute almond or rice milk for the regular milk. The problem is getting the fat balance correct when you do it. You might have a not so great try the first time around, which happens to me all the time when I modify a recipe. When I use almond milk in cereal I make it half water.

I don’t know if other “milks” and vinegar work as buttermilk? I use the vinegar trick in a pinch in lieu of buttermilk, and it works well.

Another idea is vegan sour cream, I think you can find it easier than vegan buttermilk. Use a little of that and some water or additional soy milk/almond/rice.

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OK, thanks, everybody. I gather, then, that it’s the acidity in buttermilk that’s important?

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Acidity assists in making fluffiness.Yogurt can be substituted for buttermilk too.

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I found a recipe

It uses almond milk.

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I’ve found coconut creme or milk to be a good sub for dairy. You may want to experiment with vinegar for the acidity, but the coconut products provide you with the correct texture with a minimum of flavor change.

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You could always make sourdough pancakes that don’t use dairy.

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