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How could this bubble level be wrong?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44147points) May 7th, 2017

When we had the RV we would level it at the camp site. Rick relied on the bubble level to tell him when it was level, back to front, and left to right.
It was always spot on back to front, but invariably it would be just a little off, left to right. I’d walk in and say, “It’s not level. It’s tilting that way.”
We’d argue and I said, “I don’t know how a bubble level could be wrong, but it is!”
I dropped something round on the linoleum floor, and sure enough it would roll that way.
So then he would adjust it until I called it good even though the bubble level was just shy of center.

How could something as simple and basic as a bubble level be off?

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Yes, and you can check it with a regular level. Lay the level on the floor, or another flat surface and see how it reads. Then turn the level 180 degrees and read it again.
I have a 4’ level that I checked with another level and had to mark which bubble was accurate, since they both (the one on top side of level vs, the bottom, or other side bubble) weren’t.

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Maybe there is an imperfection in the frame of the level. A small dent, or bend, that makes it untrue…

They make level apps for smart phones. I haven’t used one, so I can’t speak for their accuracy. But many of these types of apps are calibrated before each use. Potentially making it pretty accurate, as long as it was calibrated right. Plus, you wouldn’t have to store the level in the RV. It could be an upgrade over your current level,that will save valuable space….

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It can be wrong if the level is not installed “true” in the vehicle. Have the car flat, all the tires inflated properly and aligned, but install the level with a slight tilt, and it will always read wrong.

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It was an RV. It’s gone now.

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We don’t need a level anyway. We got me.

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^^^ But @Dutchess_III, everyone knows you are a half a bubble off of plumb!

Besides, everything in Kansas rolls towards the East.

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