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Does Isis want to destroy the planet?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19455points) May 16th, 2017

it seems that massive amounts of money could be better spent on renewable energy rather than the military.

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Your question details are a non sequitor to your question on ISIS.

ISIS does not want to destroy the planet, just civilizations that it considers evil. But what the hell does that have to do with renewable energy?

Besides, ISIS gets funding from oil sales.

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ISIS doesn’t care about the planet, or conservation. They have shotgun vision, which means their attention is focused on one tiny area. That tiny area is themselves.
Their lives are entirely different from ours. They have an environment so different from ours, they might as well be on another planet.
These are people who require killing, the most superior god, and torturing women to feel macho. To them, the only currency is blood, and the easier you spill some, the wealthier you are. They are like cavemen, roaring, with clubs raised over their flea infested heads.
Their world is all about weapons, testicles, blood, claiming to have a powerful god, and slewing enemies. They don’t raise a dainty finger when they have tea, and when they have an itch they scratch with lots of drama.

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Does Trump want to destroy the planet? He has removed any mention of global warming from the EPA web site and he wants to allow greater pollution from oil and coal.

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No. They just want to destroy you.

And before I go, I have always wondered exactly who it is out there that wants to destroy the planet.
I hear a lot of talk about people wanting to destroy the planet,
But I have never once met anybody who said they wanted to.
And that includes ISIS.

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No one wants to destroy the planet but western civilization is making a pretty good job of ruining it inadvertantly.

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I doubt ISIS wants to do that.

What they want to do is to force the world to adhere to their interpretation of conservative Islam; in other words take the world back about 1300 years to the days of Mohammed.

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Call me a whacko conspiracy theorist, but there is something very fishy about ISIS. I’ve seen reports on the Web about ISIS fighters being treated in Israeli hospitals, and supplies being dropped to them by planes with American and British Air Force insignia.

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No, ISIS is the boogey-man the US MIC needs to keep the flow of cash in and the oligarchy needs to keep power. Thus what @NomoreY_A has noticed is a probability.


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No, just the infidel.

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@josie No, I don’t think anyone would admit to that. Just like no one admits that their beliefs are misguided and no one admits to being unintelligent. Doesn’t mean these things can’t be reality. People either don’t know they’re “destroying the planet”, they don’t care, or they insist they’re not doing so even though they are. (I often find “destroying the planet” to be a melodramatic accusation, but replace it with “hurt the environment” and the point stands).

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The common phrase is “Destroy the planet”. My point stands.

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