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Good after school club name?

Asked by Afterschoolclub (38points) June 17th, 2017

I NEED YOUR OPINION!!! I am starting a club in my high school and I need a good, catchy name. The objective of this club is to educate students necessary life skills that the education systems don’t teach such as how to pay bills, how to prepare for a job interview, how to fill a prescription, etc. Please suggest names even if you think they are stupid. Thanks!!

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Street cents.

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First of all. Bravo for this. This is info that was severely lacking when I was in high school 20 years ago.

There was no mention of compounding interest or the massive pain a simple credit card will put you in. And once you get to college they throw cards at you. You get that card with a limit of 2K and it is only 30 a month for a min payment. Then you learn that your min payment doesn’t cover interest. Then you go over and get hit with fees.

For names I am drawing a bit of a blank.

But I have been through all this shit like getting utilities in your name and how to build credit so you can rent your own place.

You might also want to talk about Financial Aid. You can still go to college even if your parents can’t pay for it. It is just a lot harder but doable.

But feel free to to send me a private message here if you want to discuss topics that could help. I was homeless when I graduated high school. And eight years later I got my four year degree from a university.

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No one taught us how to balance a check book, how to fill out a simple W-2 form and all the things @johnpowell mentioned. I think you have an excellent idea. The only name I can think of is Life Skills.

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The After $chool Club

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Career and life management club. Or C.A.L.M.

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Life experience club. Personal living skills .

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How about Adulting 101.

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I vote for Adulting 101. That is pretty much perfect.

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Prudent Student

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Thank you to all of you guys for responding to this question and suggesting great club names! I greatly appreciate these responses and I will take them into great consideration. If you guys think of another great name, you are more than welcome to suggest it! The more, the merrier!

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Prepared for Life group

Essential Life Skills group

Warrior Life Training group

Future-proofed for Life.

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Millennial success club.

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Actually we are not Millennials. We are Gen Z.

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Gen z support club

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Team Life
After School B4 Life, or just
B4 Life

Ben Franklin organized a club called Junto, for men of society to share ideas for business and community improvements. It was through that club that public libraries were invented.

Maybe you could go with something like Junto Tech.

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Useful Class

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IRL 411: The Uptown Funk
Here’s your club music
(If You Don’t Believe Me, Just Watch)

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^^Editing time ran out.
Because the uptown funk don’t give it to ya—you have to earn it. Bruno Mars: is a good kid—and a smart one. By his early twenties, he owned his own successful music production company because he knew early the skills you are teaching. You don’t get where he is today without being good for your word, paying the bills, knowing how to deal with banks—and a whole very indifferent, very competitive industry.

He is an excellent role model.

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Life Hacks Club

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Good one. ^^
Jenzy Schmenzy, maybe?
(A phonetic twist of Gen Z)
Future Bound Individuals – FBI
People Oriented Occupationally and Personally P.O.O.P.

EDIT – the motto “Proud to be P.O.O.P.” would be a quick conversation starter

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