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Do you know of any people whose voices carry well over long distances?

Asked by LostInParadise (29005points) June 18th, 2017

I can think of two people in particular, one at work and one at the local B&N. They are not shouting. It is not so much that they are loud, but I can easily make out what they are saying from a couple of hundred feet away. I might be able to hear the person they are having a conversation with but not make out what the other person is saying. I did a Web search and found this. The first answer seems to make sense. I wonder if it is the whole story.

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Yes, me. My wife is constantly telling me to quiet down. I’m not yelling. It’s just my voice.

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The voice of Vegeta, prince of all Saiyans.
His voice could be heard throughout time and space.

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James Earl Jones?

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YES! I hate it. I like my world kind of quiet but there is one person in particular who walks into the house and Jesus. I want to cover my hears. She’s just LOUD.

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Two of my sisters, one in particular, good god.

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I’ve worked with several people who habitually spoke in what I called announcement-level volume even in a quiet cubicle maze. Two in particular were just inconsiderate—not even unaware, because when I asked them politely to lower the volume, they deliberately talked louder.

And there was one woman, Sandy, whose voice, I swore, would punch a hole in a brick wall.

The first two were loud (from half an office away, I knew all about their medical business, their children’s school problems, and their relationships with their exes), but with Sandy, there was just something about the pitch and timbre of her voice that clanged directly on my nerve endings. Even speaking behind a closed door, she effectively stopped my mental process for as long as she talked.

On the other hand, there are actors and opera singers whose voices have to fill the whole auditorium without a microphone, even when singing the soft notes (piano). Those who do it well reach you without blistering your ears, and it’s beautiful.

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My mother-in-law in New York has whispered a few secrets which people in Cleveland, Ohio say they can hear quite clearly…..

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Yes, my boyfriend. He doesn’t have to talk too loud, and I can hear him from some distance away.

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Yes, me. I seem to have swallowed a megaphone. Even my whisper can be heard a mile away. Foghorn Leghorn is my name!

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@PullMyFinger imagine if she hadn’t whispered, they would have reached the European continent!

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A few people mentioned people who are loud or who speak at an uncomfortable pitch. The people I am thinking of are not loud and speak at a normal pitch. It is just that as you move away, their voice does not sound much lower.

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@ZEPHYRA Oh yes, we know you are right because every year she steps outside and in her normal speaking voice wishes the Queen of England a Happy Birthday.

Without fail, Her Royal Majesty calls on the phone to say ‘thank you’....

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When the person I mentioned calls and is talking to someone other than me I can easily hear her side of the conversation.

In her case, I really think it’s an insecurity, attention-getting thing.

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My husband learned to speak loudly and clearly in Toastmasters. I can always understand him on the phone, and I have to turn on the speaker to understand most others.

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