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What's a good parting gift, if any, for my outgoing boss?

Asked by jca (36046points) June 20th, 2017

A little history:

My boss is currently the President of the organization that I work for. I work for an organization that represents thousands of members who are employees of local government.

An election was held, as it is every four years, and he lost. The person who won, who is going to be the new President, is a good friend of mine.

My current boss, the current President, says he likes me but he was not always the nicest boss. One example, without going into too much mundane detail, is if someone does something wrong, he reprimands them and puts them on the spot in a staff meeting in front of everyone else.

If he was re-elected, I’d probably be looking for another job because I was feeling tired of the conditions we have here now. However, I don’t dislike him and I wish him well in whatever he does in the future.

He knows how I feel, he knows how he was as a boss and he knows that I am happy that my friend got elected as the new President.

Would it be appropriate to give him a gift or a card when he leaves?

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Won’t there be something done by the whole group of hat you can join in on?

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Do you give gifts or cards to friends who are not your BEST friend?
Some small token, nothing big, but maybe sentimental about the job. Not a World’s Greatest Boss coffee cup, of course.
If there is some sort of group thing, as mentioned by @janbb, then I see no reason for individual gifts.

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I wouldn’t do an individual gift. It would seem false to give someone a gift when you don’t really like them to the tune you would look for another job if they had stayed.

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If there is a group gift contribute to that. If not, a bottle of wine or something along those lines would be fine.

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I’m with the “group gift” faction.

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I wouldn’t but that is just me, if a group is going to do something maybe join them if you feel the need.

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