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When was the last time you bought butter or margarine?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (34068points) June 23rd, 2017

This question is not quite as simple as it may seem.

When was the last time you bought real butter? When was the last time you bought margarine?

I have not bought margarine for more than 30 years. I only eat margarine at restaurants that give no choice.

I bought butter 2 weeks ago. I like to have a little bit of toast with my butter for breakfast most mornings.

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I bought a lb of butter about a month ago. I have ½ a quarter lb stick left, so I expect I will be buying butter in the next couple days.

I have not bought or used margarine in about 30 years. I won’t patronize a restaurant that serves it.

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I buy real butter and also gave up margarine long ago.

I eat so little butter, I’m not worried about the health effects. I might buy a pound and a half a year, in ½ stick (1/8 pound) form. I freeze the half-sticks and it takes a month to eat one.

Mostly I use olive oil and yogurt instead of butter.

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I only buy real butter. I bought some last week.

I splurge on Irish butter when I can.

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Last week, I cook with butter. A pound lasts about 6 weeks.
As a child, I was allergic to butter fats, so I grew up on margarine and skim milk. I finally fully kicked the allergy (I think) in my 40s.
They didn’t kill me, but I do prefer butter, it just tastes so much better.

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I bought butter last week; I don’t eat margarine. Articles about it scared me to death. lol But I must say my MIL would only eat margarine with her morning sausage and egg and lived to ninety six. She had an angioplasty fifteen years before she died.

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Butter. I buy about a pound every three weeks or a month depending on if I’m on a toast for breakfast run. I usually have sweet in the freezer for baking and salted for eating.

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I only buy real butter. I buy it as needed, so maybe a pound every few months?

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The last time I bought butter was about a month ago when it was on sale. I bought 4 lbs. as it freezes well. It’s so expensive that I only buy it on sale.

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I have never bought butter or margarine. I have never cared for either. My wife is a dietitian and she doesn’t use butter or margarine. We live very well without adding extra fat to our diet.

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I buy a vegan butter spread every few months. My wife keeps a few sticks of butter around for baking.

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Bought butter 6 weeks ago for escargot lots of fresh minced garlic and parsley.

Margarine with olive oil three months ago.

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We only buy real butter. Haven’t used margarine since the kids were small.

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There is a partially used tub of margarine in the refrigerator with an expiration date of Jan. 2011. Butter was purchased before the Christmas season last year for making cookies.

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@Pied_Pfeffer It’s safe to say your margarine is not safe.

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Thx friend. It’s now mentally marked to be pitched on the next bin day.

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Save the tub! They’re great for left overs! You can’t recycle them.

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The last time I bought butter was around Thanksgiving last year. I bought a bunch of it on sale and froze some, for later use, but it was all destined for baked goods.

We use both Smart Balance, and Earth Balance, vegan butter substitutes with no trans fats, and the addition of heart healthy plant stenols, on a daily basis, both brands taste almost exactly like butter to me.

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I stocked up at Thanksgiving when it was 1.89/lb. I still have two pounds in the freezer.

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We go through about a pound of real butter a week. We cook with half and my wife bakes with the other half.

Like @jonsblond, we’ll occasionally splurge on Irish butter (Kerry Gold FTW), but that will last months.

I haven’t had margarine in over twenty years.

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@cookieman: Kerry Gold is the best!

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@jca: So good on veggies from a boiled dinner or corn on the cob. Mmmmm.

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I get it at Costco sometimes, and then when they have money off, the price can’t be beat.

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Butter? Yesterday. Margarine: So many years ago I can’t remember.

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Chef uses margarine in his desserts, keeps it in a pot shaped in the image of a fat, orange bald guy.
I can’t believe it’s not Buddha!!

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@cookieman I use Kerry Gold when I bake peanut butter cookies. It’s sooo good.

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@jonsblond: Oooh, now I want your peanut butter cookies. Mmmm.

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@cookieman You’ll just follow anything with a baking tray, won’t you?

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Pretty much @janbb. I’m easy that way.

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