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How do I find the password I used when I set up my electronic signature?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46938points) June 28th, 2017

I’m filling out a PDF job application. At the bottom is a line for my signature. I clicked on it and it came up with a pop up that said, “Sure you can sign this electronically, but we need a password first.” I set it up when I worked as a Realtor briefly, but haven’t a clue what password I would have used.

How can I find it, or can I make a new signature?

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It sounds like the signature is a verified by a third party, like Adobe or Verisign, and that name should be on screen somewhere with instructions for a forgotten password.

Also there should be instructions for new users, maybe you could sign up as a newbie.

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I don’t see anything like that. Could you PM me your email address so I can’t send screen prints without having to up load them into photo bucket?

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Hm. After I saved it I was able to sign it.

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