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If dairy weakens its heart and lungs, then why do they always portray mice as loving/devouring/searching for cheese?

Asked by Allie (17436points) August 10th, 2008
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Cause way back when mice would roam the brick streets cheese was something new to come to town most rats would die from dairy and milk and cheese.but thecheese that scientists use has booze in it to distract the mouse so that when they go to pick it up it doesn’t bite cause the mouse is drunk and the liquer in the chees got rid of a lot of the dairy in the cheese.

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well mabey mice like cheese. Fatty foods like cheesburgures and frenchfries weaken the human heart but we still like it and eat it. Just because its bad for them doesnt mean they dont like it

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According to this article, mice aren’t actually crazy about cheese.

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Cheese isn’t something found in nature so it isn’t as if the mice would have evolved to avoid it. If it had been around a million years or so then I would imagine that could happen. Dogs like chocolate too, but it’s toxic to them.

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I’ve tried using cheese in mouse traps – didn’t work! Peanut butter on the other hand… every time!

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Mice eating cheese doesn’t mean cheese is good for mice. Maybe cheesemice die routinely from heart and lung diseases. Has anyone been taking a survey? I think not.

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Or maybe it affects another part of the body. After all, we have all heard about three blind mice, right?

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Scamp! Exactly!
Did the baby come?
Did the baby come?
Did the baby come?

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We often crave things that are bad for us or that we are allergic to.

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@susanc , not yet!! but there was a tiny bit more progress today. Also, today is the due date, so we are crossing our fingers.

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