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What does God want?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (13518points) July 2nd, 2017

What if God wants to know what it is like being mortal and he removed his omniscience to live as every human ,animal and plant? Every living thing would be divine. Then we are all divided up piece of God because the universe was boring and served no meaning with God alone with himself? Or could it be that God wants to win at life again , and wants to get noticed by a higher God by winning at life and to become one of the ancient old ones who created the multi-verse? Could God just want a challenge? In social. Just having fun. How would one win the game of life?

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Are we Gods split personality? Shattered from each other for a higher meaning? Granted free-will to make the human race more entertaining?

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That is the belief in Judeo-Cristianity. God created the world because he didn’t want to be alone anymore.
I don’t know about other Gods.

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I can only anthropomorphicize. I can only imagine from the viewpoint of a human being, not being a God myself.

I imagine a God of varying degrees of humor. He might be up there with his favorites, Michael, Raphael, and the other archangels… sitting in their well upholstered recliners, watching the goings on upon a universe, God’s latest hobby, like guys watching a football match. The whole thing with Adam becoming accustomed to a female would be hilarious, I think.

The first one, Lilith—a major seductress meant for Adam’s amusement and a way to procreate—wasn’t very cooperative when it came to Adam’s insistence, backed wholeheartedly by God, that she restrict her interests to the maintenance of the cave and the preparation of food. By the end of that experiment, she, this smaller, fragile, more sensitive human is said to have Adam tied to a tree and poking him with a stick. LOL. (There is a classic oil painting of this event somewhere, but I can’t find it right now.) This was funny only until the celestial posse, who obviously identified as male, realized that Lilith’s actions were a bit disturbing, so they replaced her with Eve, who amicably pursued a more comfortable story line.

If the Bible is any reference, God wanted something to do with his peeps on Sundays, when they evidently all take a day of rest from whatever you do in Heaven. We seem to be living a script that is written, tweaked, re-written as need be. God likes to front himself as an infallible, omnipotent supreme being—and omnipotent and supreme He may be, but the script has been tweaked way too many times for him to claim infallibility. He creates laws and governments, then he and the crew apparently get bored, and he destroys them, sometimes replacing them with other government and laws, sometimes replacing them with chaos and anarchy. He creates plagues, then gives us vaccines. He creates a culture, then has it destroyed by another culture.

It’s kind of confusing until you realize you’re just a walk-on in somebody’s soap opera. That is when you can see the humor in it. Ingenious.

But, I have the feeling that God and his guys haven’t been around much lately. They may have gone on to other things and forgot to unplug the project. We seem to be on our own now. Which could be cool. How often do you get to write your own script? What greater test of mankind’s free will—are we basically good or are we basically evil—than to leave us out here all by ourselves with both the keys to enlightenment and a shitload of nuclear weapons?

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God wants you think for yourself and not depend on her.

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A starship.

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All God wants (in my opinion) is one gigantic (the size of, say….Texas) grilled-cheese sandwich, with a little tomato on there. I mean, let’s not over-complicate things here.

( I’m right…..someday you’ll see….)

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He wants one hell of a good laugh.

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God created the world as separate from himself and to be a distraction from himself.
PS Does your apartment have a window in it?

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Wait…wasn’t that supposed to be who Jesus was?

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I think he wants to leave us confused and scared, but convinced that he is the only once that can solve our problems, even though he was the one who caused them.

Or not.

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God wants to exist. Too bad he doesn’t.

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@Darth_Algar Yupper. the joke’s on us!

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He is not that strong actually. Can be killed with a photon torpedo and a few disruptor volleys.

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If God wants anything, anything at all, that means a lack. Lacking anything, he cannot be God. So.

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^^Rrrrrrimshot! LOL.

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Maybe “God” wants to filter out the assholes, by letting them blossom into spectacular assholes by trying to win the game of life, become supreme ruler, give other people a bad time, etc., and that way he can decide who gets reincarnated on the asshole planet (hint) and who gets to hang out with the cooler souls, etc.

The views on divinity I tend to prefer recognize the divinity and sovereignty in every living thing, and their interconnectedness.

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Read the bible and you will find out.

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No way to know

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I don’t understand this God thing. Makes no sense. What the heck did God do before he created the universe, and why did he wait so long to create it? And why did he bother creating it at all? Did he feel unsatisfied without it which, following @jeruba’s logic, meant that God was in some way deficient, which is a logical contradiction. While we are at it, how do people in Heaven spend their time? Why are there so many lifeless planets? Why is the Universe going to eventually fade into nothing?

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@MooCows – that’s such a simplistic answer.

First off, read the OT, or the NT? Depending on your religion, one or the other may be more acceptable.

Second, the bible is, itself, inconsistent and self-contradictory. All over the place.

So saying “read the bible” is not instructional at all, because of these inconsistencies.

Otherwise a fine answer on your part.

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@LostInParadise The way I read (past tense) the Bible, there is nobody in heaven yet. Not until judgment day when, among all the other places, “the sea shall give up it’s dead.”
Where did you get this notion that ”...the Universe…” is ”...going to eventually fade to nothing?” That’s a new one to me!

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OK, God just contacted me.

All she wants is control of the remote, several bags of Dove Dark Chocolate, and for someone else to clean up the kitchen.

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God wants goodness
God wants light
God wants mayhem
God wants a clean fight

God wants peace
God wants war
God wants famine
God wants chain stores

God wants sedition
God wants sex
God wants freedom
God wants semtex

God wants borders
God wants crack
God wants rainfall
God wants wetbacks

God wants voodoo
God wants shrines
God wants law
God wants organised crime
God wants crusade
God wants jihad
God wants good
God wants bad

What God wants God Gets

God help us all.

—at least according to St. Roger of the Waters.

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Therapy, considering its particular strain of attention deficit.

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God never claimed to be perfect. Humans declared such.
God has weaknesses, and faults.
God wants to know what a sweet spring breeze feels like on the face, but being a formless spirit, this isn’t possible.
God made humans, and gave them the power to make choices, because God wanted to learn about experiences from us.
Our lust and greed and joy and daring and sharing and dancing and creating gives an opportunity to observe what God cannot experience first hand.

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God must lack something even if it’s only the feeling of what it’s like to lack something. If He has this feeling then He would be complete but then He would feel that He was not.

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I don’t know, I sometimes wonder if its all a huge cosmic joke. Like Sky Daddy gets tired of drinking beer and shooting billiards with his boy Satan, and gets to thinking: Hmmm… today, think I’ll have fun jacking with my creatures on Earth. Think I’ll pick a few prophets to groove on my confusing, incoherent, and completely contradictory scriptures. Then I’ll send my Son down to be beaten, abused, and horribly mutilated by these cretins, then bring him back to life just to watch them freak the F out. Then I’ll get Mohamed and Buddha and a few others to go into the fray, just to really confuse the crap out of them. See where I’m going with this, Satan old buddy? Then, when they bite the burrito and show up at my pearly gate, I can yell, WRONG CHOICE! and kick their ass downstairs. Yea, sounds like a plan!

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I sometimes wonder as well, what it would have been like to be a Roman big wig about AD 30, and having to write a report on the high strangeness that allegedly went along with the Passion. Maybe something like: From Drinkus Toomuchius, Prefect of Syria, to Tiberius Caesar, Hail! Umm, yo Ti, how’s it hangin’? Ummm… not sure how to tell you this, but… well, my boy Ponty down in Jerusalem tells me that he crucified some prophet guy a few weeks ago, and well- uh, it’s like the guy came back to life, you know? And there was a funky darkness for three hours, and an earthquake, and tombs opened and Ponty saw these zombies chillin’ outside his crib, and – I know, I know, just sayin’.

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^ Buddha lived way before Jesus. Sorry, I have to.

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I’ve always had a theory that, for the people who have passed-on before us, we are their daily entertainment…..

“Hey…...Lou !!.......PullMyFinger just said that he can’t remember the last time he had a flat tire.”

“Watch this…....all four….....IN THE RAIN !!”

BAM !!..........BAM-BAM !!!............BAM !!!!

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