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How does cocaine make you feel the day after?

Asked by IG99 (33points) July 3rd, 2017

I did a bunch of blow last night for the very first time with some friends. I did about like 6 lines of coke. I felt good and hyper, everyone was having fun. So today (the very next day) I don’t feel too bad at all, just sleepy. I slept until about 10am this morning and feel tired all day. Is this normal?

Don’t get me wrong, I still went out and handled my business. Saw my family, ran errands, got groceries, made a business deal, but just felt sleepy for the whole day kind of. Is that what cocaine usually does to you the next day?


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If you stayed up late, had any alcohol, or any other drugs like weed..well…all of that would make you feel strung out a bit the next day. Watch out for the coke kiddo, from she who dropped the habit way back in the late 70’s. The more you do it the less fun it becomes, such is the nature of the beast.

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Cocaine is through your system pretty quickly, which is why one wants to do another line after about ten minutes. But once you stop and go to sleep, if you can sleep long enough you’ll wake up without much ill effect.

However, a lot of people drink a lot more when snorting coke. And then the hangover can be a lot worse than normal.

And, listen to @Coloma. You will gradually need more and more coke the more you do gets pretty expensive pretty quickly.

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If you feel tired it’s probably because you were up all night snorting coke, not from the coke itself. That shit wears off after like 10 minutes. Christ, that’s the most overrated drug ever.

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