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Does my cat or puppy.... feel love?

Asked by AloraCrimson (503points) July 3rd, 2017

Do cats and puppies feel love? Do they know love?

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They know by instinct the attraction to the leader of the pack, or their mother. Burt they have no concept of “love.”

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Attachment, yes, I think so; but nothing at all like what we mean when we say “love.”

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My dog seeks me out when he needs help with something, or when he wants to spend time with someone. He trusts me enough to listen to my cues without expectation of penalty or reward. He wails and stops eating when I leave for an extended period of time (days or weeks or months). He is happy and affectionate when I am back home. Love may mean something different to a dog, but I like to think that, if he could, he’d say our relationship is based on something like love.

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I think so. Ever see any of those youtubes when the soldier comes home and the dog is so happy. Sometimes it appears to me like the dog thought the owner was dead.

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Those videos always makes me cry.

There was a story about a Japanese dog who waited for his owner at a train station for years. It was such an interesting and unique story.

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That is so sweet. It sounds like you have an amazing dog. I feel the same exact way of my cat. She is so loving, sweet, and affectionate. Sometimes I just hold her and stare into her eyes. I know it sounds weird, but when I see her eyes I can totally feel love, or something in her soul.

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@AloraCrimson I’ve seen the movie.

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@Jeruba How would you be so sure of that? I feel like my cat does love me, not just attachment. She actually cuddles with me and I feel like I can feel her soul. I can sense when she’s bored, fidgety, annoyed, loving, happy, hyper, sleepy, etc.

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I’ve never seen it before but I want to. Animals are so amazing I swear. I would love to have a loyal dog like that someday, the professor must of been a great man…

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@AloraCrimson I think @Jeruba means that the concept of “love” defined by pets is different from the love as we know it. It’s understandable, they don’t have human’s brain, they see things differently.

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I’m responding back to your message right now :)

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Yes. Yes they do feel love.

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I feel like me and my cat are soulmates. Okay, that sounded crazy- not soulmates, but best friends. Meant to be together. I love her so much. Like mother/daughter. I know it sounds crazy, but just hear me out.

When I was homeless, my cat was homeless. Now I have my own apartment in a luxury building in Los Angeles and living good- my cat is living good too. We aren’t struggling anymore.

When I was heart broken and crying, my cat would feel my pain and would come to me and I’d just hold her crying. She made me feel a lot better just being there for me, even if she’s an animal and can’t speak.

I eat organic expensive usually vegan food, and she eats top of the line organic Turkey meat.

Now me and her are living the good life, so we’ve come a very long way from struggling.

I just feel a really strong connection with her and animals in general, I always have.

I’ve had my cat since I was 10 years old…. Which is why I probably have a strong attachment and love for her.

I feel like me and my cat were meant to be in each other’s lives- but maybe I’m just saying that because I’ve had her since I was a little girl. I can’t imagine my life without her.

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I got a little teary writing that….. It makes me sad thinking what will happen when the day comes if she passes away, I know I will be heartbroken. She’s a part of my family. It makes me cry to think about it. I only cry thinking about death with my mother, father, and my cat. I don’t have any kids yet obviously. Okay sorry everyone, I’m done gushing about my pet, LOL.

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@Zaku I agree with you, and I feel it too.

If dogs and cats can feel pain, sadness, loneliness, hurt, why can’t they feel love to you know?

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I see it as love. The attraction that dogs and cats and even some birds show for particular people is so strong I don’t know what else to call it.

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Or like when someone else mentioned, dogs who see their military owners after long periods of time. And they remember who their owner is.

It’s amazing.

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They say cats actually view their owners as a parent/mother cat. haha
Sure animals feel affection, bonding and imprinting on their humans but while we might use the word love, they do not have the ability to conceptualize that word as we do. Certainly they feel affection and security in our presence.

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Puppies, maybe, Kittens assuredly not, they are just miniature cats and cats are the living definition of assholes.

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“Cats are the living definition of assholes”


That made me laugh out loud XD

Yes cats can be quite bitchy sometimes…............ but then again so can I too !


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That’s why it is called cat fight..)) Jk..)

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Yes. Occam’s razor: We feel love. The parts of our brain that creates emotions is ancient, and anyone who believes in evolution will know that there’s no reason to assume pets are wired differently.

Read the book “For the Love of a Dog” if you’re into this topic. You’ll enjoy it.

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I am with @longgone . I don’t see why we should not denote as love the feelings that the animals have. How would you distinguish it from human love? Is it necessary to be able to verbally express a feeling in order for it to be real? Animals may not have words for hunger or fear, but they can certainly feel these things.

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Correction. In at least one case, an animal apparently did have the words to express how it felt. Alex

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Dogs do, cats don’t because they’re cunts…mostly.

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Hey…no cat bashing. My pussies are very loving and not assholes. Cats can be bitchy but dogs are suffocating and needy. Always in your face, give you no space at all. LOL

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t’aint much of a stretch to go from a loving pussy to an asshole. just sayin’

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@rojo True, I’ve slept with a few dogs in my life. LOL

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“Dogs do, cats don’t because they’re cunts…mostly.”


That made me laugh XD

You guys are hilarious…...... lol

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I believe they do. They’re always so happy when you return home.

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I believe they can feel the love you give if you spend enough time and patience accompanying them. Also, timely spay and neuter can ease their physiological irritation and make them mild, which helps to promote your relationship.

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