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Which jelly just danced her way into the mansion?

Asked by Mariah (25846points) July 3rd, 2017

It’s Soubresaut! Happy 10k lurve, friend! I can always trust you to provide a thoughtful take on any topic. Congrats!

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Happy 10K Day @Soubresaut!

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Toutes nos félicitations, Soubresaut! Will you be soubresauting around the pool tonight, a bit of pirouetting as well? I’ll put an extra lifeguard on duty just for you. Now, only one Mochito at a time, OK?

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Congratulations! She’s one friendly jelly with so much joy and energy. She also has some great knowledge about several subject too. I always love it when she appears on TJBM.

Hope to see you around, especially on TJBM :)

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Congratulations @Soubresaut on achieving the 1st milestone..!!! Im sure you’ll achieve many more in days to come.

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Nice!! Reeeeaaaaalllllllll nnniiiiccceee.

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Very nice achievement, Sobresaut! Tonight there will be fireworks here in the US, just to celebrate! We’ll swim and party all day! :)

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You are one of the more thoughtful and intelligent voices in the tide pool. Glad you’re here!

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Well done! Hope you are dancing with delight at your stupendous achievement.

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Not only is it the 4th of July, it’s @soubresaut’s 10K day! Perfect! So happy you came to the lagoon and stayed. I always look forward to your answers. So skip on down to the pool and get in the conga line or just start eating all the great food. This party is for you!

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Hello beautiful jellies! I will respond to everyone when I have a chance! The page has been sitting open on my phone but I haven’t had a chance yet…. But wanted to say I’m here, and thank you everyone for attending!

Real quickly, @Mariah, thanks for hosting the party, friend! :)

Food and drinks are on me! Have at it!

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@Mariah—Hi again!

@rojo—aw, I like that! A whole 10K day! Thanks!

@Espiritus_Corvus—merci beaucoup! I am definitely dancing around the pool, and I might even throw in some grand jetés and entrechats quatres!

@Mimishu1995—hello to AJAM! :) Thank you! It’s always a joy to see you around here!

@imrainmaker—thank you! Although going by my current pace, I believe the “days to come” will be around 2025, haha :)

@cookieman—thaaaaannnnkkkk youuuuuu verryyyyyyy muuuuuuccchhhhh!

@jca—I thought those fireworks were for me! Teehee. And thank you!

@janbb—aw, thank you! Glad you’re here, too!

@Stinley—thank you! My fancy feet won’t stop tappin’!

@chyna—thank you! And congo line, you say? I’m so there!

@all—thank you for all the kind words! Right back atcha! Much lurve!

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@Soubresaut I think I’ll do an Arabesque ! !

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@Tropical_Willie—and you’re looking fine while doing it! What great form! :) thank you!

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Jeté, chassé, plié or soubresaut… does not matter how she came dancing into the mansion, the point is she is HERE! WELL DONE keep on being that sweet and polite jelly! Bravo…..encore!

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SMOKIN’! So glad to have you! Please make yourself at home!

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Cheers, to many more years of fluther fun!

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10Kongratulations @soubresault. Never stop dancing.

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Congratulations @Soubresaut! You are a wise jelly. Happy to be swimming in the same pool with you.

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Congrats. Well done. Always a pleasure.

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Congratulations! You’re another jelly I thought was already here. :-)

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@ZEPHYRA—aw thank you! Now, is that “point” or “pointe”? ;)

@kritiper—I’ll just stretch out on the recliner… Where do I find some h’orderves around here? And thank you!

@Dutchess_IIIcurtseys I’m glad to get such a good review! Thank you!

@Coloma—Cheers to many more! Thanks!

@flutherother—10Thank yous! I don’t think I could stop even if I wanted!

@stanleybmanly—Thank you! :)

@tinyfaery—Thanks! :)

@syz—Thank you! :)

@marinelife—Thank you! I’m quite happy to be in the same pool as you, too!

@StraussTank Ewe!

@MrGrimm888—Thank you! :)

@tedibear—Thank you!

@Hawaii_Jake—Thank you! (Is it “mahalo” in Hawaiian?)

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10K party on the beach.
Congratulations! I enjoy you being here.

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Congrats. I’m late, but I brought chips and dip.

Thanks for being such a wise and helpful jelly.

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