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Are we on the verge of WW 3?

Asked by NomoreY_A (5546points) July 4th, 2017

The news has been creeping me out lately. China warning the UN to proceed with caution against N Korea, Russia making veiled threats to the US, then ISIS, Syria, and everything else. And Golden Boy is no diplomat or military genius. Not looking good at all?

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China is acting like a bully. In latest standoff situation between India it has sent another submarine in Indian ocean. Here’s Full Story

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Thanks for the link. Spooky stuff.

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If china is a bully, what does that make the colonies?
Serial schoolyard rapist?

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Oh No @ragingloli The colonies are the worlds hall monitor as long as we do what they say,act like they act, and follow everything they tell us the world will be at peace.

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No. WWIII pretty much ended when Saddam Hussein was captured and Bin Laden was tossed out of a helicopter.

The next one (the current one) is WW 4.

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[eyeroll] No.

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Depends on how you look at it.

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Well China is certainly escalating tension in the region by giving war threats!!

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Correct @imrainmaker And that’s only one region. We still have Iran, Syria, and the loose canon ISIS nut jobs. And our CinC is not exactly mentally stable, and that adds fuel to the fire.

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The truth is that in the nuclear era, the world will always be in danger of cataclysm.

I find it ironic, that nukes were supposed to stop wars. Instead, they have started a lot. The simple intention of a country developing nukes makes other countries sanction, or bomb them…

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Because @MrGrimm888 North America is the worlds Hall monitor ,and only us and a few of our closest European allies can be trusted to have Nuclear weapons and if anyone disagrees we will simply nuke em.
To keep them in line, and the world at peace.

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That’s correct @SQUEEKY2 . Somebody HAS to do it.

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Nobody has the “right” to use those weapons….

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