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Have you ever cooked food you didn't like for someone?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46732points) July 4th, 2017

I made some “homemade” biscuits (Bisquick) and sausage gravy for Rick yesterday. All I ate was a biscuit because the sausage smell grossed me out.
He said it was fabulous. Blech! (Hey guys! Remember that lard question from a long time ago? I still have some. I used that for my base. Didn’t tell him though. Sausage by itself doesn’t put off enough grease to work up a gravy with. :)

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Yes, Chicken Curry for my Son. I can’t stand hot spicy food but I did it for him one time when he came home for a visit. Cried my eyes out. The curry burned my eyes it was so hot.. He said it was the best Curry he ever had. I never made it since.

Also made shrimp gumbo with broccoli. I love shrimp gumbo but not broccoli kills it for me.
And I never like pumpkin pie but I make that ever year for everyone else. Again something everyone one else says I make the best but I simply don’t like it. I like pumpkin, I just don’t like in a pie.

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I like strawberry shortcake with out the strawberries.

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I don’t remember how many foods my mom can’t stand but still cook for me. They’re horrible to her but awesome to me. Thanks so much for your tolerance mom.

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I don’t like lamb or fish and I don’t especially like chicken, but I cook all three for my husband who loves them.

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My husband loves broccoli, I’m not a fan. I still make it for him because it’s easy to make and he’s a good guy.

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I love broccoli. Microwave steaming it is the way to go, man.

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^^^My kids and grandkids think broccoli with cheese is a treat, equal to cake and ice cream.

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I’ve only cooked food I didn’t like after I’d cooked it, but that doesn’t happen more than once in a blue week.

Mmm, cruciferous bake, cauliflower and broccoli bechamel.

Eye fillet of beef tonite,micro-waved vegetables, and rice.

Probably toss in some Brussels sprout for the sprouts.

If’n yer don’t like broccoli try Brussels sprout.

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