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Does anyone have a good recipe for sausage gravy?

Asked by missyb (806points) December 16th, 2009

Every time I make sausage gravy it comes out bland, pasty, yuck. It always tastes so good in restaurants, what am I missing?

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I brown a pound of breakfast sausage(I use Jimmy Dean), add some butter till melted, probably a couple tablespoons worth, then some flour; mix it all in. Then pour in milk, & cook till it thickens. I like to add quite a bit of black pepper. Sorry I don’t have exact amounts, I just eyeball it.

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WTF is sausage gravy? Is this a British treat?

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Nah, it’s a southern thang!

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@ccrow thanks, maybe I just need more pepper.

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@missyb You can try a little white pepper as well, this is usually what I do with soups/gravies. Seems much better that black. Use very sparingly though, has a little more kick sometimes.

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You fry your sausage til done and then with the left over grease you add 3–4 tablespoons of flour to the grease. (making sure your grease is HOT) stir the grease and flour around for about 1 min. after that add milk. ADD IT RATHER QUICKLY because it will start turning into gravy rather quickly. Pour and stir with a fork!!! I MEAN CONSTANTLY STIR WITH A FORK! You will feel it thickining. If there isn’t enough gravy all you need to do is add more milk. AND stir stir stir! It will make LUMPS if you don’t stir stir stir with the flour milk consistansy! Good Luck!
OH YEAH and don’t forget to season to taste. After the gravy is to it’s proper thickness add S & P and other seaonsing to you liking.

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Am I the only one whose mind just shot straight back to the “Garfield Christmas Special”?

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Yes stroke vigorously

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@missyb, I use a mild sausage, drain the grease, then stir in about 2 heaping tablesppons of flour. I remove it from the heat and the work the flour into the sausage with a fork like @NUNYA said. Then add 1 cup of milk, work it into the sausage, and put it on medium heat, stirring constantly. Once it starts to thicken, add another cup of milk, and then stir until it thickens. Add 1 teaspoon salt, ½ teaspoon pepper, 1 teaspoon thyme, and ½ teaspoon sage. A little garlic powder’s good too. Stir it all in, and let simmer for about 2–3 minutes. Add more milk if it gets too thick. Serve over biscuits.

I like to use Field’s Ham Sausage if I can get it.

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I alwy add just a pinch or so of cayenne pepper or tobasco sauce too. Just for a bit of extra flava!

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@ModernEpicurian I do love the Garfield Movies but I don’t recall that part. HELP!????

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Thanks for all the great suggestions guys. And @ModernEpicurian I don’t remember anything about biscuits and gravy from Garfield either…..?

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Here is a southern receipe from a southern gentleman. remember this first, never stop stirring the gravy, until you are ready to serve it. i always use an iron skillet. the natural seasoning of the skillet just seems to add a flavor of its own. use either grease from bacon or sausage. it really doesn’t matter. pour into skillet about one quarter inch thick. start with about four tablespoons of flour and pour on top of the grease. add salt and pepper to taste. slowly,,,,,slowly begin to pour real whole milk into the mixture and constantly stir. never stop stirring or your gravy will have lumps in it. bring mixture to a boil and continue to stir. the gravy will then start to thicken. pour in a small amount of milk and continue stir. continue this until you have the desired amount of gravy and its thickened to a medium consistency. pour over homemade buttermilk biscuits and you are ready for a meal you can say “dang, yall, thats good”.!!

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From my grandmother…

Apparently sausage gravy in restaurants has some special powdered base in it, maybe look for that on google. Possibly a beef base.

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thanks @XOIIO I’ll do that, and thanks to your grandmother too!

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@missyb @NUNYA

It was part of the “Garfield Christmas Special”, Jon’s mother was making the sausage gravy for the family christmas meal, but Jon’s grandmother believes that she knows better and adds in a tonne of chilly, which Garfield then tries? Does that ring any bells?

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Most gravies in restaurants are water-based, not whole milk. this is why restaurant gravy has a shine to it and is watery, not thick like the good stuff.

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Long dead question, I know. Sausage doesn’t give off enough grease to make a decent gravy. I start by melting lard (which is rendered pig fat) in a separate pan, adding my flour for thickening, then my milk and when it’s the consistency of gravy I pour it into the sausage I’ve fried.
I hate sausage gravy, but my husband likes it. Says I make the best.

@john65pennington miss you! Actually, the gravy used in restaurants comes pre packaged. It’s a powder that includes powdered milk. They just add water to get the consistency they want.

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