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Which outcome will you choose from this story?

Asked by Sam4One (85points) July 5th, 2017

Sorry this question is a little weird and long one, inspired by some movie i watched on TV last night. I don’t know it’s name… coz i started watching in the middle.

A little story of a brother (25) and his little sister (16), both really care for each other and are their only family. But the sister is sick with terminal illness and requires an expensive treatment. Financial condition of the brother is not that great to afford that treatment. And the time is running out…

At that time brother meets the woman of his life and he falls in love with her. She is from rich family. Seeing how hard he is been working and his determination to save his sister, she also falls for him. She decides to help him with money, he rejects the money at first, but in the end takes it anyway due to urging from the woman and for the sake of his sister. The sister gets her treatment and is now fully cured, they all three live in peace and happiness now.

Months later brother proposes to the woman and she accepts it, but a week before the wedding, something happens…. they were all having lunch one day (brother, sister and the woman) and suddenly some thugs barges into their house and takes woman and sister hostage. They point gun at both (woman and sister) and suddenly the brother is left with the choice to choose which one he wants to save…. The thugs have a long grudge against the brother for some unknown reason and they are the type to act first and talk later…

1). In one scenario he is given two choices…
He can either choose the sister or the woman

2). And in the other one
He is given a choice to kill himself and save both (woman and sister)

Please answer for both scenarios respectively..
It’s a weird one i know.. I really appreciate all the answers…

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Kill yourself, save the women. Its the only decent thing to do. Sucks to be you, I guess. I don’t even want to contemplate the other scenarios.

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Yep, the most honorable and ethical decision would be to kill yourself and spare the women you love. No way could he choose and live with his decision, so better off dead.

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@Coloma Absolutely, if he’s any kind of man, he’d kill himself out of remorse later, any way.

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Blood is thicker than water.

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You didn’t mention how good-lookin’ this fiance broad is…

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Welcome to Fluther.

I’m not going to choose either of those bullshit choices, because in real life (yeah, you know, “in real life” when thugs with a long-standing grudge against a heroic and noble young man who has found the woman of his dreams and almost against his will has accepted her aid to heroically save the life of his dying sister, break into his house and present him with a moral dilemma … and promise that after he makes a fateful decision to kill one of those present, or himself, then “all will be cool after that” … yeah, in that “real life”) there would never be – could never be – such a situation. That is, if the thugs had killed one of the women, then they could not simply walk away from that and not expect retaliation or at least criminal prosecution. No one simply walks away from a murder with a “there, we’re even now” attitude.

No. If anything like this happens then the only recourse, assuming that negotiation, bluff or subterfuge doesn’t work, is to make the fastest, most effective and most lethal attack possible against the greatest threat first, and then follow down to kill or disable all other members of the gang within range (and within the two-hour duration of the movie, of course) until the threat is eliminated or all of the innocent victims are themselves killed or disabled.

There is no other ethical or moral choice.

The other possible response is: How big are her tits?

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Choose as an audience or as the man in this question?

As an audience I’ll choose for the man to die and save the girls. As the main character in your story I’ll… I’ll…well, this is hard as I have never been in such situation. The most likely outcome is that I’ll try to stall as much time as possible, and when it comes to the time to make decision I’ll just stay silent and let the thugs decide what they want to do. To save one person is to kill the other, well, I don’t want to get tangled in such situation. If you want to kill just kill, you don’t need my permission, everyone in the story is already in bloody situation anyway.

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Why do the thugs try to kill the women? What can they gain from it? And why don’t they just kill both of them instead, if they have such a grudge on him? If I was the thug I would just blast both of them at the same time and leave, leaving the guy heartbroken for life. And even if the thugs want the man’s life they could just blast his head and leave, no lengthy drama. I have a feeling the thugs want something more.

There is a lot you need to work on here.

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Thanks for all the answers.. But please don’t blame me for this silly question, blame that movie which i watched..

I will try to answer some of the questions asked here….
Very good looking….

They are not particularly there to kill only the woman. They have some grudge against the brother and they knows he loves this woman she is also his fiancee so.. you know.
In terms they are the crazy psycho type just having fun to let him choose who he wants to save (woman or the sister) in one scenario.

Actually i missed one minor detail.. Maybe i forgot.. Not sure if it will change anything but one of the thugs already shot Sister in the leg, she is bleeding, seeing the situation the woman tries to stop the blood flow but, the thugs were not letting her go to the other room to get bandages so she cuts a small piece from her own skirt to make bandage(Yeah, no kidding..) and wraps it around the sister’s leg, she is fine but not for long. With no other way the man is left with two choices, either save the sister or woman, or kill himself and save both. In such a situation… with no way out… Everywhere are thugs, guns on this man’s loved ones.. One is the woman who he loves dearly, she also helped him in life also helped to save his sister, and the other is Sister herself who he lived with his entire life. She is the only family he had up until now.. If there is absolutely no way out of this situation then he will definitely kill himself because it was because of him this situation happened in the first place… He must’ve done something wrong to the thugs in the past, that’s why they are doing their revenge. I am not sure how this woman and sister will take his suicide in-front of them…

P.S It was too hard for me to continue watching this stupid movie so i dropped it..

I understand what you’re trying to say and i appreciate your answer..

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He tries to fight the thugs and all 3 get killed.

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Then they all (unsurprisingly) show up in ‘guest appearances’ on The Walking Dead.

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Plot twist. He is actually John Wick and proceeds to kill all the thugs with a pencil.

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@Sam4One I don’t blame you for anything. I think the idea could become a good book if executed right. I just want to help you flesh out the idea to make it more convincing to others.

Your scenario isn’t convincing enough to me. As I already said, the thugs have a grudge against the hero, so they will more likely kill both of the women and walk away quickly. This will cause more damage to the man emotionally than just choosing to kill one woman, because in the latter scenario the man will at least still have one woman left. And remember, you say your thugs “are the kind that act before they think”, so they aren’t likely to think so deeply about anything else other than taking revenge on the hero for some reason, and even less likely to waste their time giving the hero any “choices”.

I suggest that you should develop the backstory for your fiancee. Connect her to the thugs. Maybe even let the sister involve. Her appearance into the man’s life seems very mysterious to me really, why did she show up and give the hero unconditional love and help so quickly in the first place? and if you focus on her, you can create a reason for the thugs to let the hero choose what he has to choose in the end.

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