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Is it debatable that west is wherever the sun is setting?

Asked by flo (13313points) July 7th, 2017

Is it where the sun is rising it’s east, and where the sun is setting it’s west. Is there anything more to it? Was there some viral video or something about someone giving direction to somewhere etc. and they without meaning to misdirected them?

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No. Not in the north and south poles. Where night is 24 hours a day in the summer ,and reversed in the winter.

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@RedDeerGuy1 How about in let’s say in the tropics? And between the tropics and the north and south poles?

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Should be normal their too. Maybe a little lag with the speed of the planet’s rotation in the tropic’s.

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Due to the angle of the Earth’s axis, the Sun rises and sets in very slightly different directions throughout the year. Always Westwardly for the Sunset, but not always balls on due West.

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At the June Solstice, the sunsets over the Tropic of Cancer. In December it is over the Tropic of Capricorn. Yet for each it sets in the westerly direction.

@RedDeerGuy1‘s polar extreme where the sun does not set, it is still low in the west right before midnight, and low in the east right after midnight. (Technically, there is no east or west at the poles.)

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Generally speaking, no. If it has to do with precise degrees of longitude, then yes.

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No, it is not debatable. That will not change unless the Earth reverses its rotation.

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So, 1) Where is always rise in the east set in the west all year long?
2)Is Burlington Vermont, let’s say where the sun has been setting for the last few weeks on the north or almost dead north?

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@flo Rises in the easterly direction all year long everywhere.

If the sun seems to be setting in Burlington VT, then the observer is standing at a point generally to the east of Burlington. Burlington is to the west of the observer.

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I just am not explaining my question. I’ll try again

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