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How can Super Girl have pierced ears if bullets can not pierce her skin?

Asked by chyna (51339points) July 17th, 2017

I am asking for a friend. I don’t even watch the show.

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Pierced with kryptonite. Ear rings inserted. Kryptonite removed…

Could she also be a virgin forever? What penis could break her super hymen?...

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She can pierce them with her own finger nails. That’s how Superman shaves.

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Because if Super Girl really wants something, she will find a way. Because that’s what makes her Super. The hymen thing is easy: it can be pierced with a penis belonging to a person with the same superpowers. Everyone else’s is simply broken off in a fit of superpassion.

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She gets them pierced on a planet with a red sun. Then takes a rocked to get away from the red sun to a solar system with a yellow sun.

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LOL @Espiritus_Corvus Nasty business, that.

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EC . Broken is the wrong verb. Wouldn’t it rip off? I don’t see how penetration would be possible though. It would be like poking a piece of steel…

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After further consideration, I’m convinced that she could only have anal. At least with a non-super man… That must be a pain in the ass for her…

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They’re not really pierced. They are stuck on with adhesive.

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Either she: A) Visited a mall in the bottle city of Kandor (when she was miniaturized after being exposed to an odd variant of red kryptonite) and had it done there or B) has some of those magnetic earrings.

I grew up with the DC comics. Can you tell? ;-)

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^That was my guess! That they are magnatized.

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Maybe using a diamond drill? Those are used for cutting metal and other very hard matetials, considering diamond is the hardest mineral on earth.

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She had them done at the Claire’s in Argo City. Duh.

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