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Which x-men power do you find most useful and least useful?

Asked by live_rose (1223points) May 9th, 2009

I’ve gotten in a huge argument with my friends over mostly the last part of that question. I think shadow cat’s power to walk through walls is pointless and consequently i hate her. I think that Domino’s ability of Probability manipulation is the most useful. She’s my 2nd favorite mutant. anyways what mutant powers do you think are the most and least useful abilities?

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That’s the coolest thing about the X-Men, alone their powers are fairly pointless, yet as a team they are damn near unstoppable…Says a lot for the power of the group.

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I think Shadowcat’s phasing power is pretty useful. She is immune to most physical attacks, can phase other people and objects, levitate, and is less vulnerable to mental attacks.

I think Tar Baby‘s mutant power (anything can stick to him!) is worse.

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I think any of the Omega-level mutants could also be considered to have the “most useful” abilities.

Also, I’ve been looking around and I think Squirrel Girl has the lamest mutant powers. They include: the ability to talk to squirrels, the ability to climb trees like a squirrel, and the ability to chew through wood like a beaver.

(Although, I should note that Tar Baby isn’t part of and never has been part of the x-men and Squirrel Girl is a DC character.)

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Best: Jean Grey (though I am male). she could fly and was more powerful, overall, than Professor X. Downside: Dark Phoenix.

Worst: Gambit. “oo, chere, i can throw cards….”. blech.

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@phoenyx wow yeah squirrel like abilities are kind of lame. And I suppose Omega level mutants are more useful though looking over them I dont really see how ice man is omega level . . .its a stupid term. Yeah but i agree

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@eponymoushipster he did use more than cards and his power was the use of kinetic energy which was kind of useful though Id think it is kind of limited. he’s no jean grey but he’s no squirrel girl, But yeah he’s not the most useful mutant

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@live_rose yeah, i mean, overall, the kinetic energy thing is cool. but still. plus, what was up with that cowel? weird.

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Forget the metal claws. Wolverine’s healing powers would be awesome. Sway had time replay abilites, that was cool.
Longneck was an odd x-men character. Makes me wonder if Audrey Hepburn was a mutant.

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Forge has his pluses and minuses. He could create anything but had to force himself not to think of something that could destroy all the X-Men.

how do you think about not thinking about something? no wonder he had a porno ‘stache.

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@eponymoushipster A porno ‘stache? You mean a mustache made from porn? Is that like a milk mustache? What would a porno ‘stache look like? A dirty Sanchez?
Maybe you meant stash. If I had a porn stash, I would definitely not be thinking of other things…

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@filmfann actually, i think a porno ‘stache would look exactly like the “got milk?” ‘stache.

forge’s porno ‘stache

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Any X-Men powers that I could utilize would all be useful. Since they’re all make believe though, every one of them is useless.

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The Apocalypse. He brings the purity of oblivion, not much to top that.

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Nightcrawler because I’d be able to pop in out of banks, toll booths, and DMV lines and it would rule…

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accelerated healing- i would be able to smoke without having to worry about the consequences or having my girlfriend tell me off.

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People are naming non x-men!

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dude gambit was baller. The man blew up a planet. I don’t care who you are, that’s badass…

most useful? well I’d say wolverine, he just doesn’t die.

least useful? I’m going with Rogue… yeah you can use other people powers, but come on now, what happens if you just stay the deuce away from her? she becomes just a slightly annoying girl with bad highlights… and if you were her? ouch, no physical contact with anyone? brutalll…

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03 i almost said the same thing – the one upside to Rogue is that she can look at herself in the mirror – gazungas! (applies to comics version only)

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I checked with my consultant and I’ve got the lowdown here. It seems that toad has the most useless powers. All he can do is shoot slime and jump. Besides which, he’s green.

As to the most useful—it seems there is a tie. Nightcrawler is great because he has powers of teleportion. Professor X can control things with his mind with his telepathic powers. Pretty cool. And then there’s Wolverine. He has razors coming out of his hands. He’s fast healing, and, I’m told, really cool! He just doesn’t die.

There you have it. Straight for the mouth of a nine year old boy—who seems to have superpowers of his own. He can watch TV for ten hours straight!

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@daloon wait – i have the same powers as a 9yr old boy?! <watches out for michael jackson>

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Wow! @eponymoushipster—you can do that????

I bow down in awe!

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not really. i get up and do stuff, but i have it on in the background. i’m one of those people who needs some background noise in order to focus.

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I dunno, I rather like Magneto; think about our society and all the metal thats involved.

Or even the various ores in the rocks and mountains in nature; he can utilize all of that, create anything he needs from it, and with a metal mesh suit, can FLLLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!

I vote for Magneto, plus he’s a real kewl sorta-bad guy, played magnificently by Ian McKellan!

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I find all of the powers useful of Jean so basically I just deconstructed all of your matter with my thought…. There is nothing useless about her.

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The Puddle has got to be the lamest.

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Wolverine’s healing powers would be epic. I have found Archangel pointless after the third X movie however…

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toads powers are useless and wolverines healing power is cool but so is mystiques shapeshifting ability

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