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If I want to be a psychiatrist then do I have to dissect a cadaver in med school?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24047points) July 22nd, 2017

I heard that all third year med students have to dissect a cadaver. Is it true?

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Yes, protocol for medical students and, according to Stanford U, it’s a rite of passage for all first year medical students. Fear not, you have a long ways to go. I think you should focus on basic biology first. See if you can get through dissecting fetal pigs, cats and other assorted creatures before you move up to the morgue. LOL

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Anatomy is the very first class in Med School, a complete knowledge of the anatomy is the basis for all other medical knowledge.

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When I went through anatomy and physiology, we did deal with human body parts (in labs.) But I wouldn’t think that there would be enough cadavers for each student to dissect one alone. Maybe with some lab partners though…

It was unsettling the first time I held a baby’s skull. I said to the professor “this thing seems really realistic! ” She said “all these bones we’ve been studying are real.” Gulp….

When I worked with animals, it was common to attempt procedures on cadavers. Better than trying on live patients….

My curiosity eventually overrode my sensitivity to it. It’s really interesting stuff. Learning the mechanics, of life… If you like science, you’re going to like this too. The body, is just an empty vessel. Like cutting up an old car…

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If you want to pass medical school, yes.

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They don’t use cadavers any more thank god. It’s all virtual and lifelike models nowadays.

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