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How long is school in California to become a Psychiatric Technician? Anyone in this field?

Asked by partyrock (3870points) February 18th, 2012

Does anyone know someone in this field? How long is training / or school for ?

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auhsojsa's avatar might be able to help you.

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yo @partyrock why dont you do a general education deal at your local community college? that way you could find out all this stuff and maybe find somthin to do. Just sayin.

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@trailsillustrated – You mean find something to do like education wise? I know what I want to do, get a bachelor’s, haven’t done it yet :( focused on money, finances, and getting my driver’s license right now… yo :O

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Training and Qualifications Source

“Most states require some formal training from an accredited college or vocational program. These are usually one year certificate programs. Prerequisites include chemistry, biology, and psychology.”

If you attend community college for two years, you get an AA (associate’s) degree. The courses, at least where I live, are inexpensive, given at convenient hours for those with jobs and have decent professors. You can certainly take chemistry, bio and pysc. 101 to see how well you do.

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PS. Why not take one course at CC and see how it goes? Better to get your feet wet in the pond than stand on the shore and ask how deep the water is.

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