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Are there a lot of working antique steam trains in England?

Asked by Kardamom (31991points) July 23rd, 2017

I watch a lot of British period pieces, and there are often scenes in which a (non-modern) steam train pulls into a station. I’ve often wondered if there are a lot (or some, or even any) real, antique steam trains in the U.K. that are used in these movies and TV shows, or whether it’s all just C.G.I. and illusion.

I really like trains, although I wouldn’t be able to tell one from another, or whether the ones I’m seeing are replicas, or real trains, or simply computer generated trains. I hope they’re real.

Do any of you Brits, or anybody who has been to the U.K., know anything about the antique-looking trains you see in movies and TV?

The most recent example of one of these trains was from the TV series Father Brown.

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When I saw this question, I thought of having just watched Father Brown and been impressed with the train.

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There’s one that operates just a few miles from me on this line:

It’s often used in TV shows.

I expect there are probably a few more around the country.

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Yes, I’m also aware of the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway, not of any others. I assume there are only a few and they get commissioned for all the shows. However, when I was first going to England, the trains weren’t steam trains but they were the ones with individual compartments that 6 people could go in like you see in “A Hard Day’s Night” and other older films. I suspect there is still some of that rolling stock around.

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Thanks everybody : )

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