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It's July, has anyone started their Christmas shopping?

Asked by Kardamom (29758points) July 23rd, 2017

I always shop for Christmas gifts throughout the year, so I’m about a quarter of the way ready. How about you?

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Bah humbug. Over hyped, over commercialized, over priced. Now I’ll have nightmares of Christmas carols paying on the radio station before Labor Day.

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I also listen to Christmas carols throughout the year. And I made gingerbread last month : )

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Now you’ve really got me in Scrooge mode.

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@NomoreY_A I think part of it is the fact that it is soooooooo hot here most of the time, that I try to occupy myself with “winter activities” as much as I can. One of my favorite things to do in summer, when the temps are 90 plus degrees here, is to go and sit in the nearest ice rink with a cup of iced coffee and pretend like it’s December (well, except 2 years ago in December here, it was almost 100 degrees).

When I was a kid, we used to have warm summers, mild spring and fall, and cool winters. Now it’s hot 24/7. That’s climate change for you.

It’s almost 10:30 p.m. here and I have my ceiling fan on high, and a wet towel around my neck, and a glass of ice water. Ugh!

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I got the google business account thing for my mom and my sister and my sisters two kids and myself.

With five users you get unlimited storage with google drive and pretty much unlimited everything google. It is 600 a year so that is everyone’s b-day and c-mas gifts. Sure it sucks to not open something but they use it a lot.

In the end it is around what I would spend for traditional gifts.

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I have. Well, I buy presents. Some end up being birthday presents, but others I save for Christmas. I like to buy things I see that are on sale and are quirky and interesting. I haven’t got too many yet, but I’ve got a few things.

I use a gift list on my phone to help me avoid over-buying for one person.

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This has been a goal of mine for years but I fail miserably at it every year.

I am far too focused on the tasks at hand (of which, there are always many) and can never plan that far ahead.

Some day. Some day.

And I love Christmas. Scrooges be damned. It’s only as commercial and overhyped as you let it be.

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You are way too late to start shopping now.
I always do my christmas shoppinng 50 years before christmas.

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Started last month, we store the presents on a shelf in the closet with presents on it right now. Waiting for an online order for BIL to arrive from UK to USA.

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Gawd no. Way too early. You buy something now, it means people don’t get what they would want.

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I bought three so far.

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I amazon prime that shit about a week before.

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I used to start on summer vacation, if I’d see something someone might like and the price was right.

I no longer do that as I don’t usually think that far ahead any more, and it’s a pain to store it in the house and keep track of it. Now I run around the month before Christmas and supplment that with Amazon and other online sites.

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I have a Xmas list on my phone. I have everybody’s name, and when I find something for Susie or Bob, I type it in next to their name. That way I don’t over buy, or get them the same thing I did last year, and I know who I still need ro buy for.

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I don’t do gifts.

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Don’t go to Ashlyn’s for Christmas folks!

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