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Do many Brits use this site?

Asked by jeanmay (3429points) August 11th, 2008

I’ve noticed one flutherer so far based in London. Any more out there?

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I don’t know what you count as “many”, but one of fluther’s moderators is a brit. that’s richardhenry of course. I also think Skyrail is from there too. and cage There are others but those 3 are the ones I thought of first.

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I think wildflower is in Ireland. Close enough?

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If ireland counts, then add osullivanbr and fabulous to the list.

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I was born in Scotland but I’m in Texas now.

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As PnL pointed out I’m from the UK/Britain, that little sticky out bit called Wales to be more exact haha :)

I don’t think ‘Britain’ or ‘UK’ include Ireland, Great Britain is just Wales/England/Scotland, UK is Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the British Isles includes it all. Don’t quote me on this, there is a Wikipedia article on it somewhere.

Also I didn’t realise there were so few of us Brits :(

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You’ll probably want to be a tad bit careful with whom you refer to as a Brit… skyrail pointed out, there is a geographical limitation, but in my experience Scots, Welsh and republican minded Northern Irish don’t appreciate the term….

As for me, feel free to group me in any way you want – I’m a little rootless weed floating around Europe and don’t feel that strongly one way or the other (just don’t call me Danish) – I just happen to live in Ireland for the time being :)

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As a note I’m not personally bothered what I’m called either. Although one day in the future I may change my nationality haha, I’ll see what happens ;)

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Yay for Ireland.

Oh and by the way to all you Brits, we want our potatoes back.

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I’m a “Brit” English, live in London.

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Vincentii, Klaas and @Iwamoto are Dutch; Magnus and Wilhel1812 are Norwegian, and I seem to remember some Kiwis and Ozzies.

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Scottish, born and raised…

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wildflower: I should have known better than to use the term, perhaps a tad provocative! I always thought I was British until I lived in Scotland. I remember being at a job interview in Edinburgh and in the midst of questioning the interviewer, who was using my application form to refer to, scored out ‘British’ where I had stated my nationality, and added ‘English’! Feelings run high! We could spend hours debating the definition of ‘Brit’. I certainly didn’t mean to offend anyone. I guess the question in my mind really was: where do flutherers come from? I see now that the answer is a resounding everywhere! :)

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Yeah, I learned by being corrected a couple of times…..

I’m fairly certain I am the Faroese population of Fluther, but then whether it even counts, I don’t know, considering I haven’t lived there in 13 years….Now I just go for International Lady of Mystery (although that’s really way too sophisticated for me!)

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I’m in England, and I’m British (:

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The fact of the matter is, being born in the British Isles makes you British, regardless of feelings on the matter. People are so stupid when they say ‘I’m Scottish not British’ – there is no such thing, as it’s a geographical impossibility!

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Ah benseven, you’re a braver man (I think a man!) than I am! On a more random note, reading all this made me think how funny it is that our nationality is given using the suffix ‘ish’, which also can mean ‘a little bit’. So I’m a little bit Engl as well as my hair being brownish. I knew a guy once called Ish and his girlfriend always got a kick out of introducing him as ‘my boyfriend Ish’! Simple things…

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These things happen everywhere…...I’ve also been corrected by Texans that they are not Americans, they’re Texans….go figure!

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English and British born and bred, proud but not partisan. I don’t live in London.

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Nationality and cultural identity are two different things.

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That’s true, and a great answer, but whilst I patriotically assert myself as Scottish, I can’t deny the fact I am also British – folk that do are in denial!

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Another Glasgow-based fluther-user here-great website!

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im english…! =)
from portsmouth… where all anyone cares about is beer and football =/

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