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On facebook, how do you decide whether to accept or reject someone's friend request?

Asked by La_chica_gomela (12547points) August 11th, 2008

Do you accept everyone? Only the people you actually know? Just your real friends? And what do you do with people you don’t accept? Do you immediately reject them, or let the sit in “friend purgatory” (as my friend Andrew calls it) by just ignoring the request?

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I only accept people I actually know. It doesn’t matter if I hate them, and I certainly don’t only accept people I am “friends” with. As long as I know them, I accept them. If they are a random person who adds me that I have never met, I reject them. (And I reject them immediately.)

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I accept all friends, acquaintances, and so on. I basically only reject people that I don’t know, or that I really don’t like.

Facebook is very easy for me because I only accept requests, I don’t go out hunting for people. I recommend it.

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If I know them, I accept them. If I don’t know them but we have mutual friends, I decide based on who the mutual friends are, and sometimes I might even message and say “do i know you?”. If i don’t know them and also have no mutual friends and it’s evident they just added me randomly, I reject them. I don’t let anything “sit” because I like the requests area to be clutter free.

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yeah, there was a new one today too. Ben something something Craig

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if I know them or if I have mutual friends.

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A follow up question to those who mentioned “mutual friends” (just out of curiosity)

Because of the new ambiguity of the word “friend” , do you mean “facebook friends” or real friends?

Do you ask your friends if they actually know the person, or do you just assume that since they are “facebook friends” that they know each other in real life?

For example, someone friend-requested me, that i had never seen before, and i saw that we had 2 or 3 “mutual friends”, but when i messaged them, they said they didn’t know the girl either! on a related note, i don’t really understand why they accepted her…i didn’t…

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I’m surprised some of you reject people if you don’t like them.

I use facebook as my collection of everyone I know, whether I like them or not. Even if I don’t like a person, I still may be interested in seeing what he/she is up to.

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I’ve only ever had to accept actual people I know (online or offline). I’ll cross that bridge when I reach it eh? :)

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@chica – yes, if we have mutual friends and i don’t know them, i ask the friend who that person is. if the answer is “oh do you remember…you met him/her @ this party bla bla?”, then i’ll add the person. but if the friend goes “eh…no clue.” or “just a friend of mine. you’ve never met this person. i have never discussed you etc etc” then i wouldn’t add the person.

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I use ‘friend purgatory’ often but eventually reject everybody that lingers there anyway..
I tend to reject anybody that I haven’t given my number to. If they can’t call and abuse me for ignoring them then they weren’t my friend to begin with!

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i just accept everyone because i don’t want any hatred laid on me =P

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I accept all requests.

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