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Anyone know of a skunk repellent?

Asked by tedibear (19248points) August 11th, 2008

We’re having an issue around our house with skunks. I’ve not seen them, but I sure have smelled them! The smell walk me up at 3AM – with the windows closed. I don’t want to shoot them or kill them, I just want them to go live in the woods behind my house. There isn’t an available food source that I’m aware of, so I’m not sure how to proceed.

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Try fox urine (can be bought from hardware stores) or moth balls, both are natural and non-lethal. We have a similar problem with skunks burrowing under our house (no foundation, old post-and-beam style Craftsman home from the 1920’s). The moth balls seem to work if you get enough of them.

Since they can’t climb, you can discourage them from hanging out if you secure all your low-lying areas of your home (including vents and places they can “nuzzle.” Also, consider that they feed on insects mostly, so perhaps the vegitation may be encouraging their presence (we have rich soil and lots of grass and can see them foraging right at dusk).

Good luck with that ;)

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@Sndfreq: do you worry about your kids breathing the camphor aroma of moth balls? Agreed; smelling skunks is unpleasant and a Havahart would certainly annoy them. Would an aggressive dog scare them away or simply (and horribly) get sprayed?

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I have an agressue dog that’s been sprayed twice in her lifetime; now when she smells the skunk spray she cowers and “checks out,” plus, imagine your beloved pet getting sprayed in the mouth and having the runs shortly thereafter…throw in some tomato paste and…eww.

Ad for the moth balls, the smell doesn’t seem to permeate through the flooring so we’re not too concerned. Mainly all the smells come through the windows so at night we end up just shutting the place up and we’re good.

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@sndfreQ – wow! I learned something about skunks and got a helpful answer – you rock! We have some overgrown weeds near the house and I wonder if what you described is what’s happening. I will be weeding this weekend. And buying moth balls.

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