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I have wasps under the boards of my dock. How can I remove them?

Asked by skfinkel (13478points) July 24th, 2007

I noticed that sprays say that the ingredients are toxic for fish. And the dock floats on a fresh water lake.

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soap and water

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There is a man in my neighborhood--the Bee Man--who vaccuums up bees or wasps or whatever--if they haven't been sprayed--for the venum. He collects the queen and most of the hive and only a few lonely bees are left--wondering what on earth happened. Amazing.

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call a pest removing company, some will remove bees and wasps but not all of them will so you might have to call a few numbers first. i dont think this would be very expensive. an alternative option would be to ask a couple of guys (between the ages of 16–25) and tell them you will pay them if they can remove the nests, and say they can record it and put it on youtube if they want to. young guys are usually willing to do some stupid stunt like they do on jackass.

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Fill a bucket with water, with a little cooking oil on top. Put a grate (like a BBQ grill) VERY close (fraction on an inch) to the water level, above it. Place some meat on the grate. Wasps, bees, etc will “get drunk” on the meat, & soon you will have a bucket full of drowned wasps

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