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Can tattoos cause rashes elsewhere on the body?

Asked by aneedleinthehayy (1198points) August 11th, 2008

either the ink thats been transferred into the skin or the stress from the pain. or is it just stress and the fact that these rashes are appearing right after i got a tattoo merely a coincendence?

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Not sure where you have the rash. It could be a heat rash.

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babygalll, i would have though heat rash too but its not hot here at all. and theyve been in odd places like my belly, the inside of my upper arm, my right index finger, and my neck.

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Well, if they started to appear after the tattoo I would be concerned. It sounds like a bad reaction from the ink. How long has it been like that? Is it changing in size or getting worse? I would make an appointment to have it checked out. To relieve some of the itch you can try using and anti-itch cream.

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I agree with BabyGall, and would make an appt. Who knows, it could be purely coincidental… I just have never heard of a bad reaction to tattoos not near or around the tat- but random places. I’ve gotten rashes like the ones you’re explaining from having allergies. Good luck.

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I have a few, I’ve never had a reaction, though. From what I understand, it should be closer to the tat, itself. I think it would be worth a phone call to the doctor’s office to let them know what’s going on.

Is this your first tattoo?

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@cak, no its my second.

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hmmm…definitely get it checked out! I haven’t had any reactions to mine, I was super picky on what I wore, and what I washed it with and used the same product as a complete body wash.

I hope it stops giving you a problem soon! :)

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